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Flying Without Fear Blog 25th May 2018

Greetings and welcome to the May 2018 Blog.

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Thanks on message board - with a difference!
I woke at four that Sunday morning

And thought, "All I have to do is switch off the alarm -
Nobody will miss me."
But then I knew yet again I had been beat.
So I got the car airport-bound trundling
Wondering if I would come to what harm
Why don't I turn back - nobody will miss me -
But no, new acquaintances I could meet.

I was so glad I did not listen to my thoughts
I met some incredible folk
Other people in the same boat as I
Helped along by a fantastic team.
Paul, Conway, Gary, Jo and all the others brought
Such peace of mind through shared info
That many times we laughed rather than cry
And frowns gave way to a beam.

It isn't just relaxation techniques shared
It was all the information given
It was all the support, and care
And compassion and friendship
That each one of us received beyond compare
In a friendly and thoughtful way driven
We asked lots of questions, and their
Answers were very complete and deep.

It came time to go to the flight
And we used the information that day
One or two of us, myself included, said
Maybe we will see how we feel at the door
A little while later, to our total delight
We were sat in our seats, ready to away
How much we realised had been given to our heads
Equipping us for our flight tour.

I should imagine I can say for us all
It would have been difficult without the Coaching Team
So to Richard, Paul, Karen and our dear Jo
And all the other team, whose names I do not know
To the FlyBe and airport staff and all
A huge huge thank you
I could not have done it without you
I could not have managed to get on the plane without you

You have and are fantastic
The course is spot on
And just a huge huge thank you again and again
And again and again, you are all very mega.

From us:
Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thanks in such a novel way.

Words Matter

Over the years, we have noticed that anxious people literally pick up on every word that is mentioned during our course.  This is the watchful nature of the brain looking out for signs of danger.  We know this and take great care to use correct language that answer your questions without making the situation worse in your heads.  For example, words we use everyday mean different things in aviation.  

Redundancy normally means loss of job
Redundancy to us means having spare capacity and back up systems

Stalling means your engine stopping in your car.  Aircraft engines don't stall.

Despite knowing this, on one recent courses, we noticed that we used the following words all in one day... We are not helping ourselves or are we being over sensitive?

Pilot during his introduction to the course:
'Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to give you a crash course on how safe flying is!'

Same pilot later on:
'We are about to go for a break, any burning questions?!'

From one of the founders:
'We are going to go to the terminal (the end!) for our flight - see you on the other side...sorry I meant the departure lounge (for the dearly departed)'

Courses are getting full quicker

Thank you to all those people that joined us over the last two full courses.  They do seem to fill up very quickly these days. We are so grateful for all of you that have trusted us to hep them beat their fears.  We are working on new dates.

Birmingham coming up early June and then a welcome return to Southampton at the end of June.

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Flying Without Fear Team

Our Book:
flying without fear - 101 fear of flying questions answered (Amazon)

3rd June 2018 (full)

24th June 2018

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