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Flying Without Fear Blog April 2018

Welcome to the April flying without fear blog for nervous flyers past and present!

This month, we have been mega busy with two sold out fear of flying courses in Birmingham and Manchester.  Some of the feedback is below to show you that these amazing people are just like you.

Birmingham 22nd April Thank You!

"I had a great day today, although in part,  some of it was emotional! The Team are amazing. Each one has something unique to offer.  From the start  and up to the end, everyone was very friendly and caring. I wasn't made to feel silly for feeling scared.  Everything was put into perspective and answered honestly.

We had very experienced Team Leaders, all of whom have flown all over the world in many different aircraft for many hours.  My special thanks goes to Captain Dave.
It was an very informative morning, he spoke about the physics and mechanics of the aircraft, and why the plane does what it does and what travelling by air is really all about.

Being amongst the clouds on this beautiful day was something that I could never of

imagined. The last time I flew was nearly 9 years ago. With the help from all of the Virgin Team and my fellow fear beaters, (all of whom had many varied reasons for doing this and why it was so important) we took our seats. I will never forget it, and I have the certificate and boarding card to remind me, that I have nothing to worry about.  I'm really looking forward to visiting Venice this September. Thank you everyone,  it's been fantastic.

Please do this, it really is the safest mode of transport, and although you may still feel slightly uncomfortable, it is totally safe.  Even the take off, which I dreaded. 

Today was the just the best because  "I did it", and so can you."

You can see more of these comments on our 'Message Board.'

Where do you fly on your courses?

A lot of people ask us this before they decide whether to book. Sometimes, the unspoken question can be, 'How long do I have to put up with the near death experience?!' Others take a different view and they are asking to make sure it is long enough to get a realistic experience of a typical flight - not like a fifteen minute flight for example. 

Typically, a flight lasts between 30 - 45 minutes but can be longer on occasions.  Here is the flight path from our last course at Birmingham.   Thanks to Chris Rolinson, Team Leader and former nervous flyer.

By the way, in case you are wondering...

We did land, it is just below a certain altitude, the app Chris was using doesn't show landing. 

Things people say...

At the beginning of every course, we ask our delegates, 'What are your questions or what do you need to get from our course?

One comment caught our eye. 

'I am scared of the noises on-board the aircraft but not half as scared as no noises!'

Something we hear a lot of people say before flying...
'Have a safe flight.' 

You have probably heard people say this sort of thing all of the time?!  We know how safe flying is so from our point of view, there is no other kind of flight!  Despite what you might hear and might believe, commercial flying is incredibly safe.

Southwest Airlines flight 1380

We have received quite a few questions about the terrible incident last week with the Southwest Airlines flight.  It was a  tragedy and nothing we can say will make it go away. 

However, flying has got so safe that this is something none of us hear at flying without fear could have imagined happening.  The Daily Mail reported that there has not been a fatality on a domestic flight since 2009!  Compare that with the world's road where, according to the institute of advanced motorists, 3,500 are killed every day.   Not trying to make light of the incident at all - it is just important to keep a sense of perspective.  Flying is not 100% safe. Living is not 100% safe either. However, with all the regulations, training, checking, regulations, back up systems and no blame safety culture ...commercial flying is not far off 100% safe. In fact, if you want to live longer, you should fly more.  

The investigation will be carried out thoroughly and the results will be published publicly. In the meantime, as the investigators work out what happened to prevent a re-occurrence, every airline that flies that type of aircraft and uses that engine type will be doing extra checks. That is just the way we operate. Safety first. Always.  

Take care

Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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  1. I took the flying without fear course at Manchester today and have to say that the staff and crew were absolutely amazing, true professionals who are passionate about their roles and care about their passengers. I am now looking forward to flying with virgin in August and I feel more confident about flying in the future. For anyone who feels a fear of air travel or sceptical about the course give it a go you’ll never look back.