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Flying without fear Blog March 2018

Greetings - welcome to the March Blog.

A returner - Lee Midwinter 1st course Sept 1997!

Lee came and joined us at March Gatwick course to say hello. He came on the original fear of flying course way back then. This is his certificate from those days.

Two years later he popped in to say hi and we had a special guest who turned up to help us - Danny La Rue.

Since then, Lee has jumped out of aircraft and is a helicopter pilot.  This is a man that used to drive to Russia rather than fly!  Such is the power of fear of flying.  Now, he proves anything is possible once you set your mind to it.


The gift of death!
This is a question that came through our message board:

I want to give your fear of flying course as a surprise gift to a friend - any tips?

We said:

We would suggest that you involve your friend in the decision as a lot of people are often horrified with the gift - unless they are ready to face the fear. If they are not ready and you surprise them they will hear 'I have a gift of death for you!' 
Forgive the poor humour but hopefully my positive intention of helping will come through?
The reply:

So glad you gave me that tip. We had a quiet word over coffee a couple of days ago but this fear seems to be deeply ingrained. Lots of head shaking I'm afraid and it appears she may even have a fear of the course itself. Anyway, I left her with a couple of printouts from your website and just a few pages of the latest testimonials along with an offer to attend the course alongside her should she eventually decide to go ahead. I'm not one for badgering people and I've told her I'll go quiet now so it really will be up to her to make the next step. Oh, and I found a copy of your Flying Without Fear book as well so I may well pass that on if she starts to show further interest. Fingers crossed.
Everything is 'lifed.'

In my car, something fell off.  It just stopped working and fell off. 
Got me thinking, if that was an aircraft part, we would already know when it was likely to break and we have changed it already! For example, if we knew a widget would wear out after five years, we would change it at three years and still be checking it all the time before that.  Safety first!
Thank you by email - with a difference!
From: jane.s
Sent: 9 March 2018 8:47 p.m.
Subject: Gatwick 4th March

I attended your course at Gatwick last week and have read the uplifting messages that have been sent to you. I can't top any of them but thought I would send you my:


1. To test the theory that turbulence is sexy, I might have to flirt with it first.

2. I don't need to cling to the arm rests. The plane can get off the ground without my help.

3. Suck, squeeze, bang, blow - apart from engines, I will find something else in life to apply this to!

4. Airport security has improved since the days of Croydon airfield. I didn't know you had to take your socks off!

5. I will relax and stop using my shoulders as earrings.

6. Wings aren't glued to the sides of the plane therefore they can't fall off.

7. The best place to be on a plane? The correct answer is NOT "on the ground".

8. Although the best seat is in fact where the pilot sits, I will be fine looking out to the side and not straight ahead.

9. Planes don't drop, they descend!

10. I never knew how much fun you could have ( with your clothes on ), on a day out with 130 complete strangers! 


Best wishes
Jane S

More thanks...

From: claremc
Sent: 6 March 2018 5:05 p.m.
To: fwf
Subject: Gatwick -4th March 2018

You probably get lots of these messages after your courses, but you really have made a huge difference,  not only to my life but also to my family's. πŸ‘ͺ 

I fly with my family a few times a year and have to usually take medication to get on the plane, even with medication, I would cry, I would not be able to breath, I would feel sick, have hot sweats, and my body wouldn't move I would just freeze. Making our journey very difficult, it was something that I couldn't control, and for my 7 year old son to have to see this, it was not what I wanted. 

I would like to say a thank you to all the staff at Flying Without Fear, for making the whole experience a much more easier thing to do. Before I attended I had no faith that the Flying Without Fear course would work, I had already been on countless flights and I knew what every noise on the plane was, yet somehow I would still fear them, everyone around me was a terrorist, every noise was the plane about to go down, every time the bing bong went it was a sign that something bad was to happen, once I was on my way to the airport in a windy day, the trees were blowing up and down, but to me they were waving goodbye (the minds a crazy complex thing)

Yet somehow I got on that plane, without my family and with no medication and only a few little butterfly's in my belly, and that is with thanks to your team!

You are all amazing. 😁 I have a flight booked with Virgin in May this year where we are travelling to Dubai, and I have no nerves at all 😁 I still can't believe that I am looking forward to the flight ✈️I have the new book 'Flying Without Fear' which I am reading, which I will keep and re-read when ever I have bad thoughts. If I ever get scared to fly again I would not hesitate to come back on your course.I used to say that I had a fear of flying but I can now safely say that I can fly without fear.Well done to the team, keep helping the millions of people like myself. 

Oh and special thanks to Captain Steve he was hilarious ! You need a fan club for him πŸ‘πŸ½And to all those people that think that this course will not help, I was 100% convinced that no one on this planet could make me change my mind, but how wrong was I ? 😊 Thank you once again 😁 and hope not to see you all soon xxClare Mc

Take care

Paul and Richard
Flying Without Fear

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