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Flying Wihout Fear Blog February 2018

Welcome to the February blog...

It matters what you say to yourself...

Many times over the years, we have had this phrase said to us: 
'I am going to try to take the flight today...'

Does that seem a reasonable thing to say to you???

Here are our thoughts on the matter.

We think this is putting too much power in the hands of fate...or feeling 'ready'...or not feeling scared... or not having funny feelings in our bellies...or not having 'I need to escape thoughts'...not being in the mood...

One of the things that we know after 20+ years of working with anxious and scared people is this - many of our most successful candidates have felt and believed all of the above and yet, still got on the flight with us.

The trick is how you talk to yourself.  Please don't try and do the flight. Join us saying, 'I am going to fly or not fly.  Whichever I do, I will stand by.'  The reality is that beating a fear is a process which goes at different speeds for each person. 

As Yoda says....................

"No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try."

As we always say, the most important person that you will ever talk to is yourself. What is your 'self-talk' like?!

"I am going to do the flight and find a way to cope even if I don't like it.

Just because it may be uncomfortable, or I don't like the movement; This does not mean it is unsafe.

I see that they have a 98 % success - bet I will be the 2%!! (Positive.)

I can't fly without fear...YET."

Thank you by email

Dear sir or madam,

I attended your course at Gatwick in November 2017 after getting a place at the very last minute as my fear had prevented me from being brave enough to book.
I thought the course was amazing and enjoyed it very much.
Last week after 28 years of avoiding flying, I flew up to Edinburgh and back to London again the following day and I have to say didn't feel nervous at all and enjoyed both the flights.

Doing your course has been a life changer for me, thank you so so much

Best wishes,
Debbie B (reproduced with permission)

Thank you from Leeds delegate on our forum

Hi to all the Flying Without Fear team and to everyone on the course yesterday at Leeds/Bradford.

What a way to spend a Sunday!!!!! Thank you.
I was emotionally exhausted when I got home and slept for 9 solid hours last night but I was thrilled with my experience and learned so much from the day.

Personally I found the technical side of things to be the most useful for me as the sheer mechanics of getting a plane off the ground and keeping it there was a total mystery to me beforehand but pilot Ralph explained it all in such easy to understand terms using "normal" language which didn't confuse or baffle me.

The breathing exercises I found very useful also and I used these when we were waiting to take off and they really helped me not get into the panicked state I have done previously remembering that "What's past is passed". 

Another thing which made a big impression on me, although only a small thing, was using a bottle of water on the tray table in front of me as a natural spirit level and actually seeing how little the water level was affected by any movement in the plane when we were up in the air. Simple but very effective.

I could write pages and pages on the subject, I am so high on what we achieved yesterday. My only regret is that my holiday to Corfu that is booked for May is not sooner, as I genuinely would like to put into practice everything I learned as soon as possible.

When I first arrived and saw how many people were on the course I was shocked as of course we all think we're the only people who feel the way we do or at least we are very rare. I'm ashamed to say that it actually concerned me to think that there I was surrounded by others who were as bad or worse than me and feared that it would affect my personal experience in a negative way and wondered what the hell I had done. I soon found out that being with like minded people actually affected me in a very positive way as it made me realise I was not alone of course but also having other peoples emotions and feelings to considered and to help take care of someone else if possible and be a positive influence rather than a selfish "this is all about me and my insecurities" issue made me feel worthy if you can understand what I mean?

The people who were in the same group as me were an amazing bunch of people, as were lots of others I spoke to on the day, with all manner of stories and experiences and I really wish them all the very best in the future and hope that we can all overcome our fears using the tools we learned yesterday and get out there and enjoy the big wide world.

I was desperately affected by the people who didn't manage the flight and really, really hope they can try again and be helped in the future.

I've just realised how emotional I still feel today as I'm writing this .................... tissues please.

On a lighter note, I imagine us all walking through airport terminals in the future looking out for others who are discreetly tapping their faces/sides/collar bones or performing karate chops in the palm of their hand and smiling an all knowing conspiratorial smile. Like a secret little band or club with a very special membership.........

Thank you to all of the team, you are an inspirational bunch of people and I cannot put into words how much help you have given me.

Best wishes to everyone and happy travelling.



Future Courses

4th March 2018 - Full Sorry

22nd April 2018

29th April 2018

Very best wishes,

Your flying without fear team

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