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Flying Without Fear Blog 21st December 2017


We hope that you are able to take a decent break during the festivities... 

We ran two courses in November - Manchester and Gatwick.  Both were great courses and it is excellent to think of all those new people 'out there' now flying.

Message Board Thanks

Just wanted to thank everyone for a informative relaxed day.  I am 44 and have never flown. I thought I would never fly and nobody would be able to change that fact, however due to the light-hearted yet informative and perfectly constructed course, I easily did something that had been a thorn in my side for so long. I was actually excited to get on the plane and couldn't wait to get moving. Taking off was unbelievable and totally amazing. 

The constant reassurance from captain Dave, informing us of every single step and bump made it a breeze and the most enjoyable thing I have ever done. Twenty four hours prior, I would never have believed how relaxed,  yet totally excited I would be. Thanks to the team but cheers to Paul for his constant help in walking us through it step by step. Descent fella too. Honestly I can't emphasise how simple it really is. I now have an opportunity to see things I could only dream of.   Cheers everybody who made the day - yay we all did it

Thanks by email

Subject: Thank You

Good Morning,

Could you please pass this message onto Paul, Richard and Karen. And Paul and Captain Dave (table leaders from 19th November)

I attended the Course at Gatwick on the 19th of November. I had not flown in five years due to my phobia and had decided it was time to try and do something about it, driving around Europe takes a lot of time out of the holiday!

I was not convinced that a one day course could have any effect on me and was sure that I would not be getting on the plane at the end of the day (because if I got on the plane it would of course crash).

Well I did get on that plane and, acting on the advice to fly as soon as possible booked a weekend in Glasgow. I flew out Friday and returned yesterday evening. My husband was more nervous than me, although that could have been his apprehension that I would descend into hysterics as soon as we were on the plane!

I cannot thank you all enough for the course and the confidence it has given me. It sounds silly to anyone who has never been too terrified to get on a flight but I feel that this has changed my life. I am now busy planning trips to Barcelona, Greece and Las Vegas and anywhere else that takes my fancy.

Thank you once again. Emily Crabb

How safe is flying on low cost airlines?

This is not the first time that people have asked this question of us.  Here is a view on it based on my experience as a motorcyclist.

You can buy a motorcycle helmet that is deemed safe by British Standards from about £30 up to £2,000+.  They all have the kite mark to suggest that they meet the regulated safety standard - they are all in fact safe to wear. However, if you were to try a helmet at £30 and a helmet for £150, you will notice a world of difference in terms of comfort and what you get for your money. 

Commercial aviation is similar. Sure, you can sometimes get flights for £9 one way, but you would not expect world class service for that would you ?!  Safety standards are a minimum but in terms of comfort, you get what you pay for!

Interesting Blog - AirSafe

Thanks to Chris Rolinson for forwarding this article about how safe commercial flying is now.  Here is a snippet of it and the rest can be found on their great site. 

With less than two weeks to go in 2017, the world's airlines are about to reach a milestone that has not happened in over 50 years. In every year since 1960, there has been at least one passenger fatality due to an accident, sabotage, hijacking, or military action involving a jet airliner. So far in 2017, that number is zero. In fact, the last time a large jet airliner event led to passenger fatalities was in November 2016 when a chartered jet crash in Colombia killed most of the members of the Brazilian Chapecoense Football tracks a number of events and issues related to airline safety and security, with a particular emphasis in passenger deaths on large jet airliners and certain models of turboprop-driven aircraft that both have a capacity to carry 10 or more passengers and that have been certified to fly in the US. These categories of flights are designed to the highest standards set by the world's most influential civil aviation authorities, and also operate under the most demanding regulations in the US, Canada, western Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. In the annual summaries of aviation events, fatal passenger events involving this category, these events are numbered. The Chapecoense crash was a charter flight not open to the public, so that event was not a numbered event.


Some thing to make you smile - 5 year old aviator!

Thanks to Frederiki, one of our psychotherapists, who shared this cute but smart 5 year old kid talking about flying.... 'Smart Aviator'


Future Courses

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Have a great break and see you in the New Year

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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