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Flying Without Fear Blog 24th November 2017


This month has been super busy. We ran a courses in Manchester and Gatwick, both of which went really well.  Here is some feedback...

Gatwick November 2017
My wife and I were part of a group of 120 souls with differing types of fear and phobias. At the end of the course over 97% of us walked out having flown in a plane. We wish we had done it years earlier, now being in our 60′s it has opened the world in our retirement. 

The course was professionally run in an informal atmosphere with 10 participants allocated to a team leader who were there to answer questions, and offer reassurance, Our chap was Brian who was absolutely superb having the previous day returned from a trip back from China.

The course included a talk about phobias, general duties of the cabin crew and their extensive training , and pilot Captain Dave Mabbett who went through every scenario, and answered every question, no matter how trivial it was. He was the main factor in my conquering the fear I had with flying. Although run by Virgin the  course was independently run without any marketing. The most reassuring quote of the day  (and everyone is different) made by Captain Dave about himself was the most important person on this plane  was me, because if I’m safe your safe. I would encourage anybody who does fear flying to go on the course you will not regret it everyone is different

Manchester November 2017
Dear team,
I would like to say a big thank you for an excellent course and for helping me in overcoming my fear of flying. I have not flown for 34years and in all that time I have done everything possible to avoid getting on a plane, I have been aware that sooner or later I must do something to get rid of my fear and when my wife told me about your flying without fear course I thought this will hopefully be the answer. I attended on Sunday and found that there were lots of others with the same fears and anxieties and in some way this reassured me. I found that the information and the constant reassurance you gave helped me as the day progressed.

The big test of course was the flight and I must say I was quite nervous at this stage, however after the flight I felt a great sense of achievement and I now feel more comfortable about going on a plane and look forward to going on a flight in the near future. Thanks again to you all, you are a great team.
John Scan

Why do people clap on landing?

Body language expert, Judi James claims that the practice of clapping when landing has psychological benefits. Also, she believes, it is dying out and soon will be no more. Her interesting article here  

Some of the team were discussing this very thing recently.  All of us were struggling to remember when the last time an aircraft landing had been clapped... One of the team said that on a recent flight back from Turkey,  only one row of people clap as they landed. Were they particularly impressed with the pilot skills?  Or, was it relief to still be alive?!

Not sure why the practice stopped.  If nothing else, it was nice for pilots to hear someone applaud their work.  It takes skill to softly land an aircraft.  Nowadays, behind the bolted Kevlar doors, the pilots have very little contact with passengers.  Maybe, we should all bring back the clapping to appreciate these skilled professionals?


Why don't you pack parachutes instead of life jackets on board?

This is a question that is in our book.  This question actually comes up quite a bit.  Some example answers:
  1. Unless you have been trained to jump out of aircraft, can you imagine how long and detailed the safety demo would be to use them?
  2. Would you really jump out of an aircraft and just land anywhere?!
  3. The safest place to be is on the aircraft with professionals trained to fly it.
  4. There are so many back ups and extra capacity built into commercial aviation, you are much safer with us than any other form of transport.


Future Course Dates:

4th February 2018

4th March 2018

Our Book
Flying Without Fear, 101 fear of flying questions answered.  Written a few years ago now but still relevant.  Contains a year's worth of questions we get asked most courses.  Available on Amazon.

VirginFlyingWithoutFear - this channel has some helpful videos and clips for you to reinforce what you have learned from our courses.

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