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Flying Without Fear Blog 20th September 2017


Did you see this picture in the Daily Mail Online?

Looks very scary, don't you think?

This was taken by Chris Hine in his garden in Byfleet, Surrey, UK. It shows two commercial aircraft looking dangerously close...Or so it seems. This is actually a great picture.  Between those aircraft, there needs to be 1000 feet of separation which there is.  Still, the picture looks great despite the optical illusion created by the vantage point.  Full article Link here 

This is an email from someone that joined us at Birmingham recently and flew four weeks later. The interesting thing for Jane is that she had (like a lot of people) some mixed emotions as to whether the course had 'worked' for her.  It can take a while to shake old thinking habits...


I've just returned from a holiday in Florida, I must say my family was really impressed with me on our flights, although I felt a little nervous waiting for the flights and had to do my breathing exercise and read my flying without fear book, once I was on the aircraft I felt ok and wondered if I would be able to look out the window, I was really pleased with myself that I did look out the window (I've never sat by a window before because I just couldn't look out). One of my fears was the approach to landing, well I looked out the window on the approach and landing, so I was really pleased.
My other fear was walking on the plane, this I didn't manage to do but I stood up in the aisle, I'm flying Virgin to New York in November for my granddaughters 16th birthday so maybe I'll walk on the plane on that flight.
Although it was my son Lloyd that paid for my course for him I'm glad that I feel much more comfortable about flying, I'm so glad we both felt better for doing it.

Yours sincerely
Jane Zap...


A recent Manchester course attendee:
I attended the course yesterday and hadn't flown for over 10 years. I was scared of taking off and built it up to be this horrible thing that I didn't want to ever do again. Since losing my dad last year it's sort of made me push myself to my limits and beyond and make him proud. My mum is 70 next year and wants to go to New York to celebrate so I thought I'd bite the bullet and book myself onto the course.

The course was amazing and I loved every second of it from Pilot Pete, David the cabin crew trainer and Paul the pysch-ed guy. All of it was fantastic and helped me a lot especially my team leader Mags who helped me every step of the way from getting on the bus to sitting next to me on the plane. I even got the full security package getting a massage from the staff. I can say I think I'm over my fear of flying but I'm still not keen on taking off but I'll get used to it with the more I fly.

I just want to say a big thank you to you all, Richard, Paul, Pete, David, Mags and all the other team leaders I didn't think I'd ever get on a plane again but now even though I didn't like the take off I'm excited to get on a plane again.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

This is one of hundreds of thank you messages posted on our message board... Please have a look at 11 year's worth of thank you messages. 
20 Year Anniversary

The original flying without fear programme started on the 1st November 1997 with just 8 people in attendance.  Back then, we just ran ground courses to give people an experience and some helpful knowledge surrounding flying. About five years later, we then added flights to the programme.  Things change all the time. New therapists, pilots and team leaders join us, some have stayed the duration and we are extremely grateful to all of them.  Some of our team have sadly passed on.  Thank you to all of you.

Picture: 2003 launch of courses with flight.
Left to right:  Paul Tizzard, Sir Richard Branson & Richard Conway

What we offer has changed over the years too.  We now have courses with flights. Courses without flights. Courses on a 121 basis for executive and celebs. Last, but not least, we offer courses for children too.

Our dear Flying Without Fear friends that have passed on.

Left to right: Psychotherapist and voice of chocolate David Landau; Capt Norman Lees Mr Energy and part time Spitfire Pilot and Capt Pete Dunlop, probably the most relaxed and capable pilot we have ever met.

The Voice of Chocolate recordings can be accessed via a special page here.

It would be our honour to help you face your fears when you are ready.  Our next courses are below.  We also have a book out called, 'Flying Without Fear, 101 fear of flying questions answered' which is available on Amazon.

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Team

Future Courses

Manchester 5th November

Gatwick 19th November

Kids with flight (6-12):

Gatwick 19th November


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