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Flying Without Fear Blog July 12th


We are moving into the summer months which is always a very busy time for us. Coming up shortly, courses in Birmingham and Manchester. 

Last weekend we ran a children's experience day in the aircraft mock up area at Crawley Virgin Training Centre. We think it went well and we are considering how to run that course in the future. 

The same week, we received an email from someone who's work we have promoted in the past.  So, we thought we would do it again.  Charlotte wrote a book called 'Suzie goes on an aeroplane' aimed at helping nervous children to travel.  The amazing success that she has recently achieved is that an animation of this book will be on all Virgin flights to help nervous flying children.

Well done Charlotte!

Charlotte is also working on a male version of the story which is out shortly.  Good luck with your books.

A great question by email:

Hello, I want to book on the 30July fear of flying course in Manchester. However, I am not flying with Virgin when I go on holiday and I don't want to leave the session scared of flying with any other airline or feeling disappointed that I'm not flying with virgin on this occasion. Can you advise how impartial this course is.
Thanks, Helen

Our Answer:
Our courses have been running for 20 years for Virgin.  The courses are crewed by a mixture of Virgin and non Virgin people and the whole day does feel very Virgin. However, and it is a big however, we exist to get people flying comfortably.  We do not mind who you fly with as we know that Virgin does not cater for every destination.  Everything we cover on the courses around safety are international standards that all airlines sign up to - that includes your low cost airlines too.

From via Chris Rolinson

Chris sent an email  to us from Chris is a team leader but also a previous nervous flyer.

Subject: Airline safety and security mid year review for 2017

The first six months of 2017 represents a milestone in the history of civil aviation. For the first time since 1959, there were no airline passenger fatalities involving large jet airliners during the first six months of the year. tracks a number of events and issues related to airline safety and security, with a particular interest in passenger deaths on large jet airliners and certain models turboprop-driven airliners that both have a capacity to carry 10 or more passengers and that have been certified to fly in the US.
When looking at this broader class of aircraft, there were still no events in the first half of 2017 that led to a passenger death, a situation that has never happened before in the 22 years that has tracked such statistics.

Best wishes,

Paul & Richard

Future Courses
PREMIUM: Birmingham 23rd July; Manchester 30th July; Gatwick 12th Nov.
GROUND: Norwich 6th August.
Kids (6-12): tbc

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