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Flying without fear blog June 2017

Welcome to today's blog.

Since we last wrote, we have run a fabulous course at Birmingham.  Here is the route we took on the flight at the end of the course. We always get asked, 'Where are we flying to today?' and we feel a bit rude saying, '...well basically, Birmingham to Birmingham!''

So, this is the actual route we took on our last Birmingham course to give you a bit of an idea of how things work.  This is narrated all the way by one of our pilots.
Credit:  Chris Rolinson, former nervous flyer and now proud course team leader

New Stuff

New ground course launched at Norwich International Aviation Academy.  6th August, we are running a ground course with a difference.  Working in partnership with the Aviation Skills Partnership, we are running a course at their lovely new aviation academy in Norwich AND we will have use of an operational but grounded 737.  Same amazing price as other ground courses and if this goes well, we hope to run some more.

New style children's course running in Gatwick area at Virgin Atlantic Training Centre.  This is running on Saturday 8th July AM.  It will be more of a hands on experience for the young people following feedback from previous children courses we have run...

Paul Tizzard, Co Founder, flew to DOHA last month to join the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to talk fear of flying.  The room was packed with 300 aviation professionals and safety trainers from airlines all over the world.  We hope that the fear of flying treatments available will be offered by other airlines that currently don't run courses.

The essence of the talk was around encouraging cabin crew and pilots to speak more. The talk was called, 'When less isn't more.'  Nervous flyers want more chat from the pilots and crew as to what is happening. The talk was focussed on around getting the balance right as some people (non nervous) don't want any talking from the flight deck - they just want to get some sleep. It is always a balance.


Recently, in the UK (and of course around the world) there has been a spate of terrorist incidents.  It goes without saying, these are awful events for all the victims and families affected.  We know that a lot of people that come onto our courses, also have a fear of terrorism.  What do we say about this on our courses?

None of us are 100% safe from terrorism.  The security services have to get it right every time to prevent or catch these perpetrators.  The terrorist only has to get it right once to be successful.  As you know, terrorist incidents are about disruption.  They need 'easy wins' to get their atrocities in the media. For that reason, terrorists tend to go for maximum impact but 'softer' targets. They want to get in and see the terrible act through. 

Commercial Aviation has tons of things in place to make sure we are not a 'soft' target.  There are many things that we can talk about on our courses to reassure people. There are many things we cannot talk about in terms of safety measures in place. Most you will never know about. And, of course, there is lots more going on in the background that none of us know about.

Future courses
PREMIUM: Birmingham 23rd July; Manchester 30th July.
GROUND: Norwich 6th August.
Kids (6-12): Gatwick 8th July


We use humour on our courses. Why?  If people feel reassured by our credibility from 20 years of running courses but we also make them laugh a bit, it helps the brain learn more effectively... (Education theory over!)  Occasionally, just occasionally, we accidentally offend someone. We never intend to of course.  We keep our courses light hearted and maybe a little quirky cos we are a Virgin course.  Would you expect anything else?  Also, we treat all of our guests as normal people with a fear.  Everyone that attends our courses is intelligent and manages a full life - they just happen to have a fear of flying.

Having said that, do not follow this link if you are easily offended
Or this link either as contains some swearing!  .Why you can't use your phone humour 
Best wishes,

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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