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Flying without fear blog 3rd April 2017

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Our YouTube Channel - Virginflyingwithoutfear

We have had a channel on YouTube a long time - we often forget it is there.  Sorry about that. Anyway, we had this really nice message today from someone that has found one of our videos extremely helpful to beat his fear of flying. Someone that we have never met, has been helped.  The video that Robin talks about below is 12 minutes long and it is on our site for you to watch too.

Subject: A note of gratitude
I want to ensure I commend the flying without fear video that Virgin Atlantic has put on you tube for the public viewing that is fantastic. I have always had a fear of flying and have had to travel for business and personal most recently for family urgencies. Flying has never been a pleasant experience for me because I was unaware off the functionality of a plane and the logistics of flying.

This video course has been an absolute blessing in conquering my fear of flying. I have had family urgencies and business trips that I have taken over the last several months. Before viewing the flying without fear video, I shied away from flying for five years and although not on a Virgin flight , I have flown on another domestic Carrier, I watch the flying without fear video before each flight of the 6 flights I have taken in the last 2 months. I am an environmental health and safety Manager and cannot THANK Virgin enough for providing the tools to help me gain knowledge, understanding the flight process and also understanding the plane mechanics. It has given me a renewed faith in the pilots and how safety for the passengers is at the forefront of each flight.

Thank you Virgin Atlantic!!! A top quality Airline carrier!! I look forward to my next flight on Virgin and it will be a " flying without fear" flight. Again, all I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I appreciate what you do and the video presentation has been saved on my favorites and viewed each time I take a flight! You folks are top quality and am ever so grateful for the extended knowledge I have received, and have worked toward conquering the " fear of flying" Thank you so much, Robin Chaiken
I am okay with shorter flights now, but what do I do for longer flights?
Someone asked on the message board for any tips for longer flights... Their background was that they had attended our course and had flown many times, but never for more than 4 hours.  They asked us about taking a longer flight of 8 hours and what could he do to make it okay...This is what we advised in case you missed it. 
1. Take stuff to do
2. Buy your own water after security to keep hydrated and not be reliant on crew
3. Compartment your time. 11 hours is a long time just sitting there so plan your time to receive boredom. 1st 2 hours, eat. 2 hours film. Go for a walk. Sleep. Read. Another film. Rest again.
4. Make yourself comfortable.  Put on air vents, adjust your area to make it your own. Wear loose comfy clothing.
5. Go for a walk about or two during flight. Helps you feel less tired and lethargic.
6. Eat etc. in UK time's (or stay in your own time zone). So if you take late flight, don't eat extra meals as it can make you feel horrid!
7. Drink lots of water and very little alcohol.
A new question that has been added to our frequently asked questions:

What aircraft types do you use?

We use either Virgin branded aircraft or local trusted aviation partners to provide our specially chartered flight.  We know that the safety standards for anyone that flies in UK airspace are the same as mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority and Joint Aviation Authority. Therefore, we use the type of aircraft and airlines that you are most likely to fly with from your local airport.  We want you to know how safe all commercial aviation is in the developed world and for you to fly with ease from wherever you choose to fly. 

However, we were saddened to see recently that some of the companies that also run fear of flying courses are using the idea 'come onto our courses as we only use our own aircraft.'  We think this is misleading you as nervous flyers.  We are all here to help you beat your fear of flying - it is not solely about you flying with one airline only.    To get around the world, we all have to use and trust a variety of commercial airlines. 

The course we run is for Virgin.  We use Virgin aircraft if we can but we also use other great carriers such as Flybe, Jet 2, Germania and previously Monarch and BMI.  These are the type of aircraft that you are likely to fly from your local airport. These airlines safety standards are amazing too.  We all have to meet the same standards of safety.  Customer service is a different matter.  Airlines can save money by not including drinks, food and leg room can be quite different.  There are lots of ways for 'alleged low cost' airlines to save money but none of those are around safety.  In fact, a lot of airlines share engineering support, pilot training, facilities, commercial insight...

We think it is healthier for you to think of flying on any commercial aircraft as meeting the same safety standards - everything else is about customer service.  In commercial aviation, it is safety first for all of us.

Take care,
Paul & Richard
virgin atlantic flying without fear

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