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Flying Without Fear Blog March 2017

Recently, we were very lucky to be super busy with two sold out courses...

We have noticed, over the years, that no two courses ever run the same.  Even at the same location there are different people, different stories and occasionally some interesting challenges to deal with.

At Birmingham in February, we had some weather challenges. Nature decided that the people who joined us to beat their fears should also experience some strong winds!  We always say this when it comes to weather, safety first.  It is so strictly regulated in terms of cross winds and storms and birds even, it is either safe to take off or we stay where we are. Same applies to landing.  If an airport becomes unsuitable to land at, we might circle for a while or we might go somewhere else.  Every commercial airline that you will fly with, operate to the same standard.

At Birmingham it was gusty.  Not to the point of being unsafe to take off but the wind made its presence felt.  We think that this is a good thing to happen on a course like ours. As the pilot talks you through everything that is going on, it gives all of our previously nervous flyers a chance to understand what is actually going on as it happens. Very helpful.

This is the route we too took that day, for those that like that sort of thing!  (Thanks Chris Rolinson, Team Leader and former nervous flyer for sending it in)

Here is what one of our attendees said about the Birmingham experience on our message board:
What can I say about yesterday except a massive THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping my wife Sue overcome her fear of flying.

From the moment we registered where Richard sent us off with Lois then all through the day with Paul, Captain Gary, Dr Jo and John we were treated fantastically with Richard and Gary especially going out of their way to provide first class assistance.
The course itself was very comprehensive in it's topics and no one's questions were ignored with genuine and easy to understand answers given.

The flight itself whilst not the smoothest of flights had a running commentary from Captain Gary who explained every detail as we went along which was a massive help.
I really did not think Sue would even get on the plane tbh but with all the help and support given during the day she got on, stayed on and whilst initially scared soon became calmer and ended up enjoying the flight and the whole experience.
So again a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping Sue to overcome her fear of stop Australia to see her Dad.

From our Gatwick course:
I honestly don't know where to start. Attending the course yesterday was one of the best things I have every done. Driving to work this morning, I looked up at the sky and thought to myself "What a beautiful view I'd have if I was up there flying now" and then smiled... then I was shocked that I had that thought! Before, I would look up at the sky and think "I am so glad I'm down here!" To me, that sums up my experience.

I can only describe it as it feels like my mind has been reset and I am starting my flying experience all over again, with the power to train my mind to not fear flying.

Richard and Paul, you have created something so wonderful, and I will be forever grateful! Steve, the pilot, was fantastic! I have not laughed and learnt so much at the same time! Turbulence will always be "sexy" from now on in (if you've met Steve, you know what this means). The psychology section was extremely helpful and I have learnt so many strategies that I will use on and off of an aircraft! Dave and my team leader Justine, were so informative and helpful throughout the whole day and answered ALL of my questions with genuine care and attention.

Lastly, I would just like to sincerely thank everybody who was involved with the course yesterday! You have changed my life!

Hopefully see you up there one day!

P.S. Here I am, all smiles on the flight!

End of this month, we are running at Manchester fear of flying course or should I say, flying without fear...

Anyway, that is our last course for a couple of months and numbers are filling up nicely. The more people we meet, the more people we get the opportunity to help.

Take care
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Next course:

26th March 2017

28th May 2017


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