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Flying Without Fear Blog 21st February 2017

What a cracking start to the year it has been!

It is unbelievable to think that our next two courses are already sold out.  This must mean that there are a lot of people out there that need help. We are so grateful that you are giving us a chance to help you.

Perceived Risk Vs Actual Risk

This is a key idea that we talk about on our courses.  Fear is a normal thing. A lot of people say to us, 'I have this irrational fear of flying.'

Whether it is rational or not is a matter of opinion.

Maybe you could consider being a bit kinder to yourself?  Fear is normal.  In fact, your brain has decided that the risk of harm that could come to you when flying is beyond acceptable. Therefore, you have a fear of it.

There is some logic to that.
How about this as an idea. Fear of flying would be completely rational and reasonable were it not based on an inaccurate perception of risk.  In other words, when you believe that something is not safe, it takes a while to be convinced otherwise. Just because you don't think it is safe to fly, does not make it so.  Commercial flying is extremely safe. We are so convinced of this that we do not let the thought 'dying means flying' even enter our heads.  If the chances of something happening to you when flying was 50:50 then fair enough, be scared. But we are talking a miniscule amount of a chance of anything untoward happening and we mean tiny, tiny!  Flying is not 100% safe, nothing is!  But it is not far off.

For example, a lot of us don't like turbulence but, we don't fear it.  We know it can cause us no harm if we have our seatbelts on. 

There you have it. You don't have to even like flying at all to know you are safe.  It is just a means of transport...
On the message board this week:

We attended the course in Manchester late 2015.  I was really scared of flying, and really needed to do something about it.

I thought the course was excellent and I was really surprised that normal people were there! (I was kind of expecting some strange flying phobia type weirdos!) every fear is discussed and everyone related to all the stuff that's spoken about.

I love the fact that a pilot takes the course and really was surprised how well trained the "trolley dolly's" were (it really is disrespectful to refer to the cabin crew as that because they REALLY DO train, train and re-train and get tested a lot!) There is a whole lot more to their job than serving you as much alcohol as you can get down your neck to calm the nerves!

Anyway, not long after the course, we flew to Singapore and I actually fell asleep on the plane! (was a first for me) and when we eventually hit turbulence - I took one glance at the bottle of water and fell asleep again! (if you go on the course, you will get this!)

Well, 18 months later and we are off to Texas in a few weeks and to be honest I'm actually looking forward to the flight! - kind of excited even! - we are also doing an internal flight too, and yes I'm looking forward to that as well! 

If your nervous about flying and reading this - YOU REALLY NEED TO GO ON THE COURSE! - its worth every penny...

Thanks so much everyone, I really do appreciate you helping me get over this phobia!
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future Course Dates
PREMIUM: Birmingham Feb 26th FULL; Gatwick Mar 5th FULL; Manchester Mar 26th; Southampton tbc, Heathrow tbc.
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CHILDREN: Gatwick Mar 5th

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