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Flying without fear blog 24th January 2017


'Have a safe flight...'

I took a couple of flights over Christmas and I never thought much of them. For those of us that run these courses, flying is somewhere on a scale between exciting or routine.  This is linked into the destination. It is always linked to the destination.  Before both flights, two completely different people said to me 'Have a safe flight...'

The first time it was said to me, I never paid any attention.  I just mumbled a thank you.  The second time it was said to me, I was ready for it.  I replied in a smart a**e manner, 'Why would you say that to me, is there any other kind of flight?!'

I hadn't noticed that this phrase that just 'rolled off their tongue,' in my mind, it was an anachronism.  It has never occurred to me to say this to someone else. When you have been running fear of flying courses for 20 years, it would never occur to you that they could be anything but safe.  Does that sound odd to you?  Be careful what you say to yourself...:)
Paul T

In the News

It has been quite a month for PR of late. We have been truly lucky to have been covered by Sky News and BBC Rip Off Britain. 

Kay Burley, Sky News, met Sully before the launch of that film starring Tom Hanks.  This was released just before Christmas.  The very next day, she joined us in one of our commercial simulators to see exactly what training pilots receive.  Captain JJ Burrows took the sim through its paces which you can see more of here.

Also, we were joined by the Rip Off Britain Holidays Team at one of Heathrow fear of flying courses. This was onboard our one of our gorgeous new 787 Dreamliners. See here for more.

Take care,
Paul & Richard
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