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Flying without fear Blog December 2016


The Media Part One
Over the years, the media have been very kind to us. From national newspapers, TV and Radio - we have had some brilliant coverage. We are so grateful.  The media can be 'tricky' for you though. Why?
The Colombian air crash is an example.  As soon as it occurred, there was a lot of speculation as to what happened.  We were bombarded with emails from worried people asking us what we thought was the cause.  Unlike the 'experts' on TV, we declined to answer.  We have our own theories of course. But these are just theories.  We will wait for the final official accident investigation report to be published and then we can comment.   The media role is to get the stories out quickly and as accurately that they can, based on what they know at the time.   Our role is to give you the facts we know to be absolutely true.  By the way, we have been doing it for nearly 20 years now! 
Some helpful tips for you:
  1. Remember commercial aircraft accidents and even incidents are extremely rare due to all the safety margins in place.
  2. Whatever happened to the Colombian aircraft will be released and learned from.  The commercial aviation industry will share lessons from this accident and that is across all carriers and pilots.
  3. If you can, don't watch the news footage of incidents like these. It doesn't help you and it certainly doesn't help those poor passengers being scrutinised by the media and its viewers.  If you watch things like this in such detail, you are literally burning images into your head. This is not helpful when you are trying to beat a fear of flying.
  4. You were not born with a fear of flying. It is learned. It is never too late to learn something new. 
  5. Beating a fear of flying is a process that goes at a different speed for everyone.
The Media Part Two
We have been in the news lately. Kay Burley interviewed Sully before the film release and then the next day, she joined us in one of our commercial simulators.  Guided by Captain JJ Burrows, she even had a go at flying.  Here is the link 
We will be on BBC 'Rip Off Britain' on Friday 6th January 2017, 0915 BBC  - Hopefully, in a good way!  They filmed one of our recent Heathrow fear of flying courses.
Thank you by email
I wanted to write to you to say a big thanks for what you have done for me. It sounds so cliché but the course undoubtedly changed my life.
I took the flying without fear course back in July 2013 at Gatwick. At the time I had not flown for over 4 years and the mere sight of a plane terrified me. It wasn't just the flight itself,  I was terrified for months in advance and basically it control my thinking from the moment I booked it until I landed on my return. At the time of the course I had just been approached about a job in New Zealand and I had no idea how I could possible get there let along take it.
Your course explained things so clearly. Being able to understand the mechanism of a plane and how it operates safely was so informative and subtle but ultimately brilliant. I remember feeling such at ease on the test flight without really realising what or how it had changed my thinking.
I am now writing to you more than 3 years after my course to say that on Sunday I will be taking my 53rd flight since the course! I have had the opportunity to explore more of Europe, Asia and Australasia and best of all I was able to take that job in Auckland and now have moved again to a new job in Sydney; all of which would have been impossible without your teams help.  Thank you so much for all your help.
Wishing you all a great break...

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future Dates
PREMIUM: Leeds February 5th; Birmingham February 26th; Gatwick March 5th; Manchester March 26th; Southampton tbc. Heathrow tbc.
GROUND:  None booked at present
CHILDREN: Gatwick Mar 5th.

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