Monday, 31 October 2016

Flying without fear October 2016

7 years ago I attended the Gatwick Fear of Flying course after 10 years of not flying, where even the thought of looking at a plane in the sky filled me with dread, anxiety and panic. 7 years on from that day that really did change things and I am now an exceptionally seasoned frequent flyer !!

I initially waited 6 months after the course before flying with my wife and 2 children to Majorca for our first flight overseas on holiday as a family. I was initially a bit nervous on the way to the airport & getting on the plane but as soon as we had taken off (by the way this is now my absolute favourite part of flying !!!) I was remarkably calm and having listened to the relaxing CD ( I still have it but never use it now !!) I was fine and had a great holiday, without spending the whole week worrying about getting the flight home.

Further holidays to Spain, Ibiza, Menorca, Tenerife, Malaga, Italy, France, Fuerteventura, Corfu, Greece (Some of these destinations several times) have followed in addition to over 40 UK flights to Manchester, London, Stanstead, Gatwick & Newcastle on much smaller propeller planes have followed.

To put it into context, when I came on your course, I expected it not to work but did it for my wife, who had bought it for me as a last resort. I was the most petrified person about flying in the world (No joking here, I was without doubt scared to the point of crying even thinking about flying).

So what's changed ?

I now can't wait to get on a plane !!! - All of my fears have been explained and I understand them. I understand about all the things that used to scare me and know how to deal with them. The biggest 2 points for me were :-

Turbulence - Not nice for anyone but on the very odd occasion where I have had a partially bumpy few seconds ( and that's all it normally is) I look at the cabin crew who are happily and busily doing their jobs, smiling etc and liken it to being on a train - Put simply if the cabin crew aren't worried then neither am i

Nervousness - Took a while to realise that these nerves are not worried signs but signs of excitement now !!! Getting on a plane is the start of something fun usually and I for one have learned to love it !!!

As stated before in the post, I didn't think the course would work for me and all day I was trying to talk myself out of the fact that it would work for me, right up to the point of getting on the plane for a short flight that changed everything !!!!

The team at Virgin do a great job and there are so many of them to help you. Listen to them and it will change your perspective.

I hope reading this helps and I would love to go through the experience again as it really does free your life in a travel sense beyond your wildest dreams !!!!

7 years on and my grateful thanks to the fear of flying team for giving me back

Family holidays
Freedom to travel
Great memories
Future Course Dates

PREMIUM: Gatwick Nov 6th; Manchester Nov 13th; Heathrow Dec 4th; Leeds Feb 5th; Birmingham Feb 26th; Southampton tbc.
GROUND: tbc.
CHILDREN: Gatwick Nov 6th; Heathrow Dec 4th.

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