Monday, 12 September 2016

Special blog for David Landau

This blog is to recognise and savour the work of a very special friend, mentor and colleague David Landau.  David was part of the original set up team at Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear in November 1997. 

David worked as a psychotherapist on our courses for approximately 12 years. Some of our fear of flying attendees described him as the 'voice of chocolate.'  (His amazing and relaxing voice can still be heard on-board some of the Virgin aircraft on the fear of flying channel.) 

A mutual friend, Neil French (internationally known hypnotherapist and trainer), has dedicated a webpage to keep David's work alive.  Here is the link

On a personal note, the team here at flying without fear are very fond of David and he is sorely missed. He taught us so much about how the brain works and how it deals with fear. Aside from that, he gave his time and wisdom willingly as he was dedicated to helping people live a life without limitations. There are literally thousands of people in the world that are now living fuller lives after meeting him at his clinic in Teddington or, with us at an airport hotel somewhere...  

The team spend hours driving around the country to our different venues. We often relied on David to keep us entertained  (and awake) with his humour which tended to range from dry/subtle/sophisticated through to outrageous/shocking/rude! 

David Landau. 29.09.1931 - 1.03.2016

Paul & Richard

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