Friday, 2 September 2016

Redundancy and recent news


When we run our fear of flying courses, this is a word that our pilot speakers use all the time that causes confusion around the room sometimes. In the rest of the world, this word means a job ending. Not particularly a good thing.  In commercial aviation safety training, it means something else - a very good thing.

When our pilots talk about redundancy, they are referring to how much back  up and extra capacity there is within commercial aircraft.  There is no one single thing going wrong that will cause the catastrophe that a nervous flyer imagines will happen.  Everything on the aircraft has back ups.  There are alternate systems to cover anything if, in the unlikely event, anything  untoward should happen...2 - 4 pilots, 2 - 4 autopilot computers with software from different suppliers, extra hydraulics, manual back ups.... the list goes on and on.

Recent news headline this week!

Passenger jet makes emergency landing in Ireland with 16 injured...
We have read the media coverage and it is riddled with inaccuracies.   Unexpected turbulence of a severe nature is thankfully really, really rare. However, the aircraft is not in danger. If you are strapped into your seat, no harm will come to you.  The aircraft can sometimes change altitude quickly but it does not move that much. A three foot change in altitude would be enough to discombobulate you if you were stood up and not expecting it.  Main message, don't believe everything that you read.  If you ever have been in actual severe turbulence, you are in a very rare group. It is exceptionally unlikely to happen. On our courses, we talk about this in a lot more depth so please accept our apologies if this seems a 'little light' on the explanation front.

Thank you!

I attended your course in January last year on the windiest day at Leeds/Bradford airport – flying usually consisted of a max two hour flight prompted by I discovered unfounded fears. Just to let you know I have been on 6 flights in the last 2 weeks travelling to Sydney/Melbourne and Kuala Lumpar – your course is brilliant and without it I would never have achieved this!
Many thanks
Deborah B

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Paul & Richard

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