Monday, 1 August 2016

Please help me...

That is how the email started on Saturday morning.  'Please help me, I have run off from my flight and I feel so stupid. I can't believe I have let everyone down.  My family have had to fly off without me...'

This is a heart-breaking email to receive and we get a lot like this.  The message from us is this and it is very simple. Please don't be so hard on yourselves. We have seen literally thousands of people just like you beat their fears. It is never too late.  The most important things that you can do:
  • Not to be  too hard on yourselves.
  • Keep moving forwards towards the fear.
  • Remember, it is not a race. Beating a fear is a process that takes as long as it takes.
Here are a couple of messages of encouragement we wanted to share with you.
Hello, (Thanks by email) 

I was hoping you could post some feedback for me regarding the Manchester 2016 course in April. I can't seem to work out how to login..!

I found the course brilliant but I wanted to wait until I had put it to the test on my next flight before offering feedback. Well what can I say...following a return from Italy last week I can definitely say it made a huge difference. Using a combination of a visual 'STOP' sign in my mind every time a negative thought popped up, along with forcing myself to base my thoughts on the facts around me (ie. Cabin crew serving drinks and looking relaxed) made a huge difference and I felt much more in control and relaxed. My husband also noticed a big difference! It would be unrealistic to expect I will enjoy flying but was it as stressful and unpleasant as it has been previously? Nowhere near!
Many thanks to flying without fear team!

Best wishes,
Birmingham July 2016

I would like to say what a fantastic birthday present my wife gave to me.
Recent flights we had been on mostly to the Far East, I was relying on drugs to just get me on the plane, then the long flight. Oh what a difference a day makes, the team from Virgin were great I was greeted with an happy birthday song from the whole room which settled me down (also embarrassed). The team were fantastic, they made everyone feel at ease from start to finish, Austin our team member had great stories to tell about his time when stewarding. Austin ensured all of our team were OK throughout the day, also when on the flight. I must say I did not know how the day would pan out, it was great to get on a plane with out the tablets, I recommend this flight to anyone who is nervous about flying. As the team told us, we were not born with a fear of flying. Good luck to all the people.
Mike Cantrell


Well I don't know where to start but first I just want to say thank you.
After years of flying and having to take diazepam, trying to drink my way through it, putting headphones in with loud music on or just sitting the whole way with a blanket over my head I can honestly now say I am excited to go on holiday and It feels great.
The team answered every question we through at them and they explained everything thoroughly even with much needed humour.
I'm still laughing at ding dong...wings off... and will now remember this every time I hear it.

Big thank you to Ralph for how well he explained every part of the plane, the flight, the checks and for his invaluable commentary throughout the flight. Also big thank you to our team leader mark and his patience ( even if we did make him wait for us to have one last vape before getting on the plane.
I will recommend anyone to go on this course if they have a fear of flying and I'd only wished I'd done it sooner.

Thank you thank you thank you. I can't wait to go on holiday now and will definitely take all the tools given to me to use if I ever feel anxious again and getting close to a panic attack. My other half also says thank you as he may have the feeling in his hands throughout the flight now.
Jeni x

Best wishes,
Paul & Richard
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