Monday, 9 May 2016

Thank you messages by email and exciting message

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to write to us. Here are a few messages this week to share with you....Also, some very exciting news.

Our next premium fear of flying course at Heathrow on 10th July, we are using the new Boeing 787. We are very excited as some of the team have not even been on-board one yet.  Hope to see you there.

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future Dates
Premium courses £267: Heathrow July 10th; Birmingham July 24th.
Ground courses £180: Leeds May 29th; Heathrow June 5th; Gatwick July 3rd.
Children's Course Heathrow July 10th

Ground Course Thank You
Hi there,

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a brilliant course at Leeds today. It was so informative and helpful and I couldn't have asked for more.
I feel extremely reassured about flying and its safety and 'look forward' to flying on a Jet2 aeroplane ( which was an issue for me), in and out of Leeds/ Bradford airport
(issue 2), whether there's turbulence (issue 3) or not and landing (issue 4) feeling much calmer.
Being able to listen to and ask questions of an extremely experienced pilot was invaluable. As was the knowledge and insights shared during the Psychological aspect of the course. It all just came together and made sense!!
Thank you so much - I will highly recommend it to others. I'm hoping not to need a booster session in the future, but if I feel I do, I won't hesitate to book.
Kind regards,

Julie Casper
Manchester Thank You

Hi there
I wanted to put a message up on the board with pics but am struggling to do it so thought maybe I'd send it directly to you?
I was at the Manchester airport course on the 10th April and was due to fly on the 12th April to Orlando with Virgin.
I found the course really helpful, especially the section with Captain Pete who was so approachable and knowledgeable (of course!).  On the afternoon flight I have to admit I was in a complete state, and didn't cope at all well BUT the staff were very helpful/encouraging, especially Paul (cabin crew).
When we landed I chatted to Pete and Paul until, embarrassingly, everyone else had gone.  Never at any point was I made to feel silly or patronised in any way for asking ridiculous questions.....of which there were quite a few!  Pete called the pilot who'd be flying me out to Orlando and told him to look after me (ha) and Paul said he would make a note for the cabin crew too.
I went home that day feeling like I couldn't go through with the flight and a bit of a teary mess BUT in the day between the course and the flight I think I had time to process all the information I'd taken in.
On the day of our flight I was greeted at the airport by special assistance who took me onto the plane first, we were then taken up to the cockpit to chat to Bruce and his co pilot. They were so lovely and helpful, showing me flight details/information for the days flight, weather reports and what to expect from the days flight etc. etc.
By the time we took off, I was very calm and in control of my thoughts!  I used the tapping technique (eyebrow, under eye, collar bone, karate chop etc.)and breathing in for 11 out for 7 a few times, flicked the elastic band on take-off with only a few tears on take off (usually I would be loudly sobbing before the doors had closed). Cabin crew were lovely and every so often a member of the team would very quietly check I was coping.  There was a small amount of turbulence, but I coped! I understood why it was bumpy I knew why the seat belt signs were on, I knew why the wing was moving etc. etc. etc.  Bruce paid me a visit half way through the flight to have a chat which really helped.
At the end of the flight, a member of cabin crew gave me a bottle of prosecco sent from Paul.  Paul if you are reading this, THANKYOU SO SO MUCH, I was very touched.  Thank you Pete for arranging my visit to the cockpit this helped massively.
The course WORKED and I have been raving about it to anyone who will listen!!!!
I feel so much more confidant flying now......just looking at prices for December!!!!
Thank you all at Fear Without Flying!
Best wishes
Heather Lamb

Dear Madam, Sir
Re :- Fear of flying course Gatwick 22nd November 2015
I write with reference to the above course which I completed with you some months ago. 
I wanted to put on record my most sincere thanks for all the help and assistance given to me, starting with the application/enquiry process with 'Gilly' back in June last year.
Had it not been for the calm and understanding manner in which she handled my initial enquiries, I probably would not have gone ahead with the course !!
She had always kept me updated and this gave me confidence important with those suffering from a phobia .
The course at Gatwick was well prepared and delivered, I also found it to be  a very cathartic experience ,  just by being there, with so many others with similar fears as myself helped to conquer my anxieties
In short I now have the confidence to resume flying again and this would not have been possible without your input!!
I would be more than happy to recommend your course to anyone who may benefit
Yours Sincerely
Mr Darren AGAR


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