Monday, 18 January 2016

Thank you messages.

These are the sort of messages that we are honoured to receive...Thank you for the emails this week.

Good Afternoon
I know it's a little late, but I would really like to leave a testimonial  about the course I attended in March 2013
I was a little sceptical before the course, thinking nothing would get me over my fear.  How wrong I was, after listening to the pilot, crew, psychologist and team leaders by the time we got to the airport I was actually excited about getting on that plane!!
I have flown many times since my course in March 2013 and have felt less anxious than ever before.  My children and husband have all remarked at how much more at ease I am with flying.  We even experienced a go around on one flight and I was able to inform then…'its ok that's just a go around it's all very normal,' just seconds before the crew came on the PA system to tell passengers what had happened.
Your course has enabled me to fly without concerns or panic attacks to Barcelona, Prague, Italy, Majorca, Dublin and other wonderful places.  I am now able to add another destination to that list.  Two days ago I returned from a trip to Australia, even as I type this I still cannot believe I did it, and it is all thanks to your course and the wonderful team you have.
So I would like to tell anyone, indeed everyone who has a fear of flying to book your course. 
I will never enjoy flying but I now longer fear it. 
Hi there,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a brilliant course at Leeds (Ground Course) today. It was so informative and helpful and I couldn't have asked for more.
I feel extremely reassured about flying and its safety and 'look forward' to flying on a Jet2 aeroplane ( which was an issue for me), in and out of Leeds/ Bradford airport
(issue 2), whether there's turbulence (issue 3) or not and landing (issue 4) feeling much calmer.
Being able to listen to and ask questions of an extremely experienced pilot was invaluable. As was the knowledge and insights shared during the Psychological aspect of the course. It all just came together and made sense!!
Thank you so much - I will highly recommend it to others. I'm hoping not to need a booster session in the future, but if I feel I do, I won't hesitate to book.
Kind regards,


Dear Madam,Sir
Re :- Fear of flying course Gatwick 22nd November 2015
I write with reference to the above course which I completed with you some months ago. 
I wanted to put on record my most sincere thanks for all the help and assistance given to me, starting with the application/enquiry process with 'Gilly' back in June last year.
Had it not been for the calm and understanding manner in which she handled my initial enquiries, I probably would not have gone ahead with the course !!
She had always kept me updated and this gave me confidence important with those suffering from a phobia .
The course at Gatwick was well prepared and delivered, I also found it to be  a very cathartic experience ,  just by being there, with so many others with similar fears as myself helped to conquer my anxieties.  In short I now have the confidence to resume flying again and this would not have been possible without your input!!
I would be more than happy to recommend your course to anyone who may benefit
Yours Sincerely
Mr Darren AG
Future Dates:

Premium courses: Birmingham February 28th; Gatwick March 6th; Manchester April 10th.
Ground courses: Heathrow February 7th; Leeds May 8th.
Children's Course: Gatwick March 6th
Take care,
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear


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