Thursday, 19 November 2015


It is almost that time for our Gatwick course this weekend. This is the last premium course before Christmas and it is going to be a busy one... 

There has been a heck of a lot of press around aviation incidents it seems to us - does it seem like that for you?  We are probably acutely aware of anything at all aviation related...that is good and supposedly bad things.  This weekend at Gatwick fear of flying course, we are particularly looking forward to debunking a load of myths that exist about commercial aviation....Maybe see you there?

On a separate note, saw this article about Xtresia.  Supposedly, a natural remedy for anxiety.  If anyone has heard of it or tried it, please drop us an email with your comments.  We are and always have been open to anything that will help people with anxiety - even temporary options like this are worth knowing about.  Here is the link

Please drop us an email with your thoughts.  Thank you.

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Ground courses: Heathrow December 6th; Leeds January 10th 2016

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