Sunday, 16 August 2015

Low cost myth

A regular question on most of our fear of flying courses...'How safe are low cost airlines?'

A quick answer to reassure you.

Paul (co founder) has just come back from a week in Lanzarote and he flew Ryanair.  There are two myths he would like to put to bed right now:

Myth 1. 

"The flights are low cost." 

Like for like, the flight cost more than the British Airways flight which had everything included such as food, baggage etc.  At first glance, the Ryanair flight looked cheaper but in no way was it. Paul chose it as the flight times (same day) suited his journey needs.

Myth 2.

"Low cost airlines save money on things like air circulation in the cabins, fuel and take short cuts on safety."

Paul watched the cabin crew like a hawk for any safety sloppiness and he (plus his family) would happily fly with them safety wise. Please don't ask about the customer service as out of four cabin crew, only one of them was polite and friendly!  It was still safe and supposedly, it was a low cost flight!

Safety fine.  Cost lower (sometimes).  Customer service, well... you decide.

Take care,

Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic flying without fear

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