Monday, 1 June 2015

Thank you

We are very privileged to receive emails like this below. This is another example of someone proving to themselves what we have said all along....'Beating a fear of flying is a process and therefore can take a little bit of time.'  We always say to our delegates, to not put themselves under pressure to be perfect and calm when they fly straightaway - just because some can does not mean we all can!   We give them strategies to help with this but it is okay to beat the fear at your own pace.

Dear flying without fear team,
I attended the Manchester course in April and just want to say a big thank you. Before the course, I had been unable to fly for several years. There is no specific event that happened which meant I couldn't fly, but after one (uneventful) flight back from Ibiza I was unable to get back on. It took me about a year to build up the confidence to do this course - the very thought of having to do the flight at the end can be off putting! But I finally signed up.

I was so relieved to see so many others on the course and it instantly put me at ease. However, after hearing most people could fly but just didn't particularly enjoy it, I wasn't sure I could be cured as I simply could not get on a plane! The most important decision I made was to keep an open mind and try everything the flying without fear team suggested. I was still unsure on the way to the airport, but on arrival I felt much calmer! Like most have said, I am not sure exactly what changed me but something did! I managed to do the flight on the day, but I have to admit I did find it very difficult and I still did not enjoy it. But as Paul and the team said, you don't have to love it!

I decided to book myself on a short flight 2 weeks after the course from Manchester to London (about 45 mins). I was very nervous in the build up, but used all the techniques from the course including the free CD which is brilliant. I was able to get on and, with the help of an incredibly kind member of BA cabin crew, I actually enjoyed the flight and was disappointed to land! The BA crew were as kind and helpful as the Virgin team and I even got invited into the cockpit which was brilliant. I feel confident to book a flight now for my first holiday in years. The shift in my attitude to flying since this course has been amazing and I wanted to post this message to reassure people that not everyone will instantly love flying after this course but whilst you might not feel "cured" straightaway, the course will change your thinking and will help you to overcome your fear of you want it to. I cannot thank Paul, Richard and all of the Virgin team enough - this course is worth every penny and you must at least try it if you want to change your approach to flying.

Take care,
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic flying without fear.

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