Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New age limit reached on our courses

We used to say we have helped people within the age range of 6-84 .  But now, in the space of two weeks, it has gone from 4-87!  On the Manchester course, our youngest delegate was 4 years old! 

At Gatwick on the 26th April, a very sprightly man announced he had never flown and he was 87!  Well done. 

Just goes to show, it is never too late to change a thought pattern or habit.


Some feedback from our Facebook page virginflyingwithoutfear today following the Gatwick course last weekend.

 Tamary Penlerick Thank you so much to all the organisers of this amazing course! This course has changed my life forever and I can't wait to now see the world! I have meet some incredible people and I wish everyone all the best!! xxxx
 Abi Ball Hope it was as life changing for all that attended as it was for me about a year ago! My next flight is 3 weeks today. Am I worried?! Not at all. Why would I need to worry about travelling the safest way possible - can't thank you enough !!!

 Zowie Dryden-Moscrip Had a brilliant day, can't wait to get on a plane again! Thanks to all the organisers, you guys do an amazing job

 Cara Hodder Thank you so much guys, you were all amazing, completely changed my way of thinking. So glad I decided to do this course and I will be getting on a plane again x

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear
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Ground courses: Heathrow* May 3rd

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