Monday, 23 March 2015

Message on Disney with a British Accent (DIBB Forum)

We are very honoured to be able to help people 2-3,000 people a year.  We always hope that what we do makes a difference to people's lives. We can see it on our courses and we get hundreds of postcards but it is always nice to hear from independent sources too.  That is why the following piece of feedback we found on a site called DIBB (Disney with a British Accent) is very flattering.  
Somebody was asking, on the forum, which course to go on - our premium course with flight or ground course with no flight.  We think both courses help people. It is about finding the right course for you and where you are in the process of beating your fear.  Here is the message below.
I did the premium one (that includes the flight) in April 2014 after developing a bad fear of flying. I used to start panicking in the weeks before I knew I was getting on a plane, then the sense of impending doom really set in once I got to the airport and after forcing myself onto the plane I would spend the whole flight gripping on the armrests willing it to stay in the air whilst trying (mostly unsuccessfully) not to cry in front of the other passengers... I did get some diazepam from the doctors (which didn't help). But I can honestly say that the fear of flying course is brilliant, I would recommend it to anyone.

I have been on about 5 flights since then (including a trip to Florida!) and it was a gradual improvement, each one was better than the last. Initially I was still nervous but used some of the calming techniques they gave me and talked myself through what was happening during the flight and now I'm not scared at all, I can look forward to holidays without panicking, I'm happy having a wander round the airport and the flight itself is fine.

I can't explain exactly why it worked so well for me, I think it might be the fact that they go through how the plane stays in the air, all the safety features they have, what all the strange noises and feelings are, what turbulence is etc. that helped me because now I know what's happening rather than worrying 'ahh what’s that strange noise, has something just dropped off?!' like I used to.

I would recommend it, it is a lot of money, especially if you include the flight in it, but for me it's really made big difference. I hope that's helpful, let me know if you have other questions about it.
Take care,
Paul & Richard
Adult premium group course – £267 inc VAT
Manchester 19th April 2015
Gatwick 26th April 2015
Leeds Bradford 17th May 2015
Birmingham 7th June 2015
Southampton 21st June 2015
Norwich 5th July 2015

Group ground* only course (no flight) £150 inc VAT
Bristol 29th March 2015
Heathrow 3rd May 2015

Children’s course is £375 (for one child, one fear free adult, inc flight)
Gatwick 26th April 2015

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