Thursday, 26 March 2015

German Wings Incident

Thank you to all of you that have been in touch with us asking for reassurance.

We have resisted writing about this incident, but we need to say something... It is because of you that we are writing this.  We wanted to wait to write a blog when something factual was known and the investigation completed. 

On the very next morning following the accident, we were bombarded with requests to speak on national TV and Radio about the crash.   We said no.  It is not because we have anything to hide as flying without fear...or as an industry.

There are no definite facts yet as to what actually happened. The investigation is still going on. However, this does not stop the media reporting on the incident.  Yet, no-one knows for definite what has happened?

If you have been watching the media coverage and poring over every detail in the papers, you are making your fear worse. It does not help you and to be blunt, it won't help the victims of the incident either!

One of our super team leaders summed it all up on a Facebook thread which is below.  It is also worth reminding ourselves how seldom something like this happens.  Look at this YouTube clip here - but only this clip!   (YouTube has a habit of taking you elsewhere automatically.)  This clip is produced by Air Traffic to show 24 hours of flights under control and landing safely.  It is a terrible tragedy when an incident occurs like this but it is extremely rare. No-one said flying was 100% safe but it is not far off. Please show me a form of transport safer than western world commercial aviation...  In fact, show me anything in life that is guaranteed 100% safe! 

Here is Janine's comment on our Facebook page

Captain Mike Vivian, former head of flight operations for the CAA, made some very good
points on BBC breakfast this morning, basically telling them to stop scaremongering.
One being the aircraft did NOT fall or plummet from the 
sky. The timings of descent was conducive to a controlled emergency descent and until the reports come out that they should stop second guessing what happened.

Secondly the media are clutching onto the fact that
there was no mayday call. This was more than likely to be due to the pilots following their training - aviate, navigate, communicate. I.e. their priority is with the aircraft first to try to control the situation and
communications last.

So, the moral of the story is to ignore the media as 9
times out of 10 they have no idea what they are talking about. Mike IS an expert in this field and a very good one but some of the other 'experts' that get wheeled out often know no more than the reporter themselves.

Some positive press about getting help Link

Take care,

Paul & Richard
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