Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Never give up

Over the 17+ years that we have been running courses, we have probably seen in the region of 35,000+ people directly. In-directly (via books and blogs etc.) it is a heck of a lot more. 

Time and time again, we see people with all types of fears and all types of reasons for getting the fear in the first place. 

There is a truism that we would like to remind of. We say this on all of our courses... It is this.  Nobody is born with a fear of flying.  At some point in your life, you decided that the perceived risk of dying while flying was higher than the actual risk.  This was not a conscious decision.  It was a moment that you may, or may not know, when it started.  However, the moment that your brain decided you didn't feel safe anymore, a process of 'fighting a building fear' began.

For some of you, the fear has won for a while and stopped you flying.  For others, it is a constant battle of dread and rituals each time you have to fly.

Please consider this idea.  Beating a fear of flying (or any fear for that matter) is a process. Some of you come to a course like ours as a last resort or first resort or even a 'one-stop shop!'  That is great.  Please remember that you are a normal person that has got themselves into a set of 'bad habits' around fear of flying. To some of you, this may seem like we are 'dumbing down' a crippling fear.  We are not. We know the impact very well (Richard, Co-Founder, used to be scared of flying) and we know that it is always possible to change habits.  You have learned to be scared of flying but it is never too late to learn something new.

All you need to do is to remember beating fear is a process.  You learned fear of flying at some point and now you are learning something new.  What has gone has gone - not much we can do about that. However, we can do a lot about the future if we give ourselves time and the right type of help.

Main message. Don't give up. Don't stop fighting the fear and negative thoughts.  Eventually, if you don't give in, you will get to a place where you don't feel as negative about flying anymore...Honest...We have seen it thousands and thousands of time. Please, don't give up the fight.  You never know, you might even 'enjoy' flying one day!

Take care

Paul & Richard
Co Founders
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear
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