Monday, 12 January 2015

AirAsia flight - be careful what you read/listen to...

Heard something on National Radio this morning on the way into work that made us angry....

'AirAsia flight Black Box been located.  The AirAsia flight was the flight that crashed in bad weather...'

First of all, if you are a nervous flyer, don't listen to anything in the media right now about this terrible tragedy.  The reality is that we don't know what happened yet.  Stating that the flight crashed in bad weather suggests that was the cause.  We have said this a million times.  In Western World Commercial Aviation, the safety and back ups in place mean that no 'one-thing' going wrong automatically means catastrophe.  The danger of reading the coverage or listening to the media talk around this incident is that it is all speculation right now.  Until the data is analysed in minute detail, we don't know what happened.

Aviation incidents are extremely rare.  One of the reasons why there is such a strong safety culture is that every incident in aviation is investigated properly. Once the findings are known, they are published and lessons are learned. If pilots need re-training across the world, then they will be.  If procedures or equipment needs changing across the world, then they will be. 

Rant over!

Take care
Paul & Richard
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