Monday, 29 December 2014

VS 43 Virgin Atlantic Flight and missing Air Asia Flight

You might have seen a few shocking stories in the media in the last 48 hours?

Some of you have written to us asking for a blog to reassure...

Air Asia Flight

This is a terrible situation for friends and families of those people missing. There is nothing really known yet but like any situation that occurs, it will be thoroughly investigated. In commercial aviation, we don't like not knowing things.  The reason why developed world commercial aviation is so safe is simply that safety is first always.  If, on the very rare occasion, an incident occurs it is thoroughly investigated. All lessons learned are then shared amongst the aviation community to prevent a re-occurrence of the event.  Despite what is in the media (at time of writing) nothing is known for sure yet.  We will be monitoring the reports but with a sceptical eye - we know that until the official reports come out, it is speculation.

VS 43 Returns to Gatwick today

We are closer to this incident for obvious reasons. Also, some of the flying without fear team are going to meet any passengers that need assistance on 30th December when they fly out again.  There is, as always,  a lot of stuff in the media that is not quite right.  All we can say at this stage is that the amazing crew did what all crew are trained to do - follow their impeccable procedures and training.  When the official report is released, we will make a comment.

Until the official, Government reports come out we are not going to make any more comments on either incident.  Commercial aviation remains the safest form of transport. Please try not to read or watch too much of the footage that surrounds aviation incidents as, believe it or not, it doesn't help you.

Take care
Paul & Richard
Flying Without Fear

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