Thursday, 13 November 2014

I took your course, didn't get on the flight...HOWEVER...

The message below was on Facebook last month (I have only just found it sorry) and we thought it was a good example of something that we do but don't feel the need to shout about - normally.
When you join us for a course, if you don't want to fly the same day, that is okay.  We don't force anyone to take the flight. Of course, we have tons of staff around including therapists and pilots that will always encourage you.  Yes, but not force. If you don't feel ready to fly that day, that is okay.
We ran our courses for five years without a flight at the end of them.  We still run ground courses now. This is to give people a choice. 
And what if you don't fly?  What happens to you?
One of the more experienced members of staff stays with you and does a very kind debrief to leave you with hope. We suggest other things that you can do to supplement the day and we also have a few other great ideas up our sleeves to help you; To help you when you feel most disappointed.  This message below is great.  She didn't fly on our course, but look what happened.
Message on Facebook. 'I've been meaning to post this for about a month... But the course is brilliant. Although I couldn't get on the plane at the end of the course, I managed to get onto a flight to Florida a few weeks later without any problems! I can safely say my fear of flying is now just a slight dislike. So thank you.'  Katie

Take care
Paul & Richard
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