Tuesday, 25 November 2014

1st flight following the course - Barbados

This is a message that came through from Abi onto our message board.  A recent delegate on one of our courses. Thought that you should see it... Very encouraging.
Hi All

Just wanted to reassure everyone out there who are having a few jitters before their first flight after the course. I have just done mine. I flew out to Barbados with a friend who also did the course on 11th November, I had worked myself into a bit of a state about the flight - and wasn't that great when the seat belt signs came on but looking back now, I was fine, it was my thoughts - I didn't feel in danger, as explained on the course - turbulence is inconvenient and uncomfortable but not dangerous. On the way out the crew carried on with their service throughout and didn't seem concerned at all. I was extremely lucky to have a cabin crew member who was a Team Leader on the fear of flying course. Mark. I don't know his surname - I would like anyone who may know him at VS to pass on my personal thanks for the way he took me and Becky under his wing and looked after us for the whole flight. He took us into the upper deck for landing so we could see the view of the island and also arranged for us to meet the captain and 1st officer when we landed in Barbados. Not everyone's first shot of the hol is them sitting in the cockpit of a 747 with the people that flew us there.

On the way back I was feeling a little better about flying, despite the weather being a bit iffy. We did hit some "moderate" turbulence approx 3 hours from Gatwick on our return yesterday. The crew were asked to sit down for around 30 mins. I was a little worried but the course helped me no end. I had a little tear but my travelling companion re-assured me we were safe. I looked out of the window so I could get some perspective on how much movement there was. It felt much worse than it was in reality and I now think I will always sit in a window seat - the seat I have avoided most of my life! It helped no end. They taught me this on the course. Having come home on a bumpy flight I now think I am actually cured. Would I do it all again tomorrow? Hell yes! You have to don't you?! Look at what wonderful places this world has to offer. I finally realise I am safer in the air than walking around on the ground day to day. Turbulence happens - but its normal and not dangerous at all.

I really do sympathise with all those people who are worried, no doubt before my next flight I may get those nerves back again! I just want to give everyone some positive news. The course works!!!! I have recommended it to so many people!!!! The staff on Virgin are fantastic. They make you feel at ease, you don't feel silly for asking questions. In fact they encourage it. The cabin crew member on my return flight - Anna - was fantastic. She had been asleep when the turbulence started. As soon as she was able she came up to me to check I was ok and said she was thinking of me. We even laughed about the fact it was the worse turbulence she had had in her flying career (around 100 flights) she told me "see now you're cured"! Do you know what Anna? I think you just made a difference to my life - I really feel I am!

Thank you to all !! I will be writing to the airline to try and get recognition for the wonderful crew who helped me and I want to thank all of the people who spoke at the course I attended a couple of months ago at Gatwick - your words stayed with me throughout that flight.

Thank you - from an ex-nervous flier xx Abi xx :D
Take care,
Paul & Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear
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Premium course with flight - Southampton 7th December.  Leeds 11th January 2015
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