Thursday, 30 October 2014

Windowless aircraft

We posted a link on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles about the supposed future concept of aircraft being made without passenger windows.  It was interesting as it generated quite a bit of response on the social media. 

Here is the article about windowless aircraft.

The idea behind this, if it goes ahead, is to do with two things as far as we can work out:  Aesthetics/technology and saving money. 

Removing the windows and replacing with interactive screens/walls will save money because the aircraft will then weigh slightly less.  Everything in aviation has a fuel cost.  Anything made to go on the aircraft has to not only be extremely strong but also has to be made as light as possible.  The popular new dream liner is a fantastic example of the use of strong composites that have made airlines, such as Virgin, huge savings on fuel due to less weight.  The intention behind windowless aircraft is the same probably.

We don't know if this 'windowless' concept will ever come to life.  People, just like you, have  commented and offered a range of answers such as below:

  • Couldn't care less!
  • Suits me as I don't like looking out the window anyway
  • Count me in - I like it
  • What if you and the other passengers wanted to watch different interactive views?
  • Would make me feel more claustrophobic
  • Would make me feel less claustrophobic
Our viewpoint:

We love change and innovation. We like the thought of slightly cheaper tickets if fuel costs less!  Our only concerns (which we know will be addressed) are these.  The cabin crew will be a little bit worried about the 'virtual-view' breaking and on a full flight, they would not be able to re-seat someone to give them a working 'view.' 

There is also a slight safety concern.  The windows are used by crew as a final check before opening a door in the very unlikely event of an emergency. They look out of the windows forward and aft of a door to check there are no obstructions before opening it.   There would still be a window in the actual door but it is nice to an extra window to look out of.

Presumably, there will be more cameras dotted around so flight and cabin crew can look around the aircraft to see the bits and bobs that they need to.  Even now, we have the technology on more modern cars to rely on cameras for reversing and parking...

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