Monday, 6 October 2014

Ground course thank you on message board

The message below came in after a recent ground course that we ran at Bristol.  That was just three hours!  Imagine what we might be able to do in a whole day...?

Why not join us in less than two weeks at Birmingham Airport for a Premium fear of flying course?  Still some places left.
I am posting this now (in September) as I have recently flown on holiday for the first time since I went on your half day course at Bristol in March. I thought it was a good course at the time but I thought I'd better wait to see if it really worked. Well it did. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You were all great. You gave lots of really useful information, answered all my stupid paranoid questions, and I can't believe I had no problems with my flights. I normally can't sleep for weeks before a flight, used to be a wreck at the airport, have to take valium, try to pretend I wasn't on a plane, and my friend had to hold my hand a lot, and I used to weep uncontrollably on landing. This time I was fine beforehand, fine at the airport, really interested in everything as we got on the plane, was fine on the flights, even with a delay coming back, and a few bumpy bits, and looked out of the window on landing and chatted to my friend. She says it was a miracle and wants me to pass on her thanks too. Another friend of mine had been on one of these courses and recommended it. All I can think is, why didn't I do it years ago? I am already booked on another foreign holiday in 2 months time. You guys are amazing. :P

Take care
Paul & Richard

Future course dates

Premium courses: Birmingham Oct 19th; Manchester Nov 9th; Gatwick Nov 16th; Southampton Dec 7th; Leeds Jan 11th

Ground courses: Heathrow* Dec 14th; Cardiff* Jan 25th; 

Exec/celeb course: Gatwick area 9th December 2014

Children's course: Gatwick 16th November 2014
YouTube: A Clip of the course

Helpful 12 minute video clip

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