Friday, 29 August 2014

Thank you!

Here are a couple of emails that came in just this week...Both of these people have given us permission to share their emails with you.  Actually, they are not completely over their fears yet.  But, they are well on the way to beating the fear.  Beating a fear is a process not just a one day course.  We would like to be part of your process of beating your fears. 

By the way, we do have thousands of thank yous from people who are completely fine with flying now.  Both of these two people will get to a point where flying becomes a non-event just as long as they keep flying and don't get into any of their old bad habits.

Emails below.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you do. 

I attended the course at Gatwick in July 2014 and found the day informative and reassuring. Last week I took my first flight to the South of France with my husband and our little boy. I have to say I couldn't eat before the flight and I was nervous, but used the breathing techniques you taught on the course and also used my elastic band!!! We flew through a storm to land in Nice, but it was fine and I could rationalise it all thanks to the course. I cried tears of joy when we got off the plane, I was so pleased that I had finally conquered my fears! We had a brilliant holiday and we're already planning our next holiday! 

Thank you so much for opening up the world to me!!

Louise Kimpton


Message no.1
Good afternoon,
My name is Paul Williams and I have been on three of your courses. Gatwick  Luton and Southampton. Hopefully Richard and the team will remember me.  I have just returned from a holiday in Malaga in southern Spain . The flight was 2.1/2 hours. I didn't enjoy the flight going but on the return flight I sat by the window and most of the time I was looking out at the amazing scenery below. This flight was a major step for me as some of your team know the reason I could not fly. At some time in the future I have got to get to Australia and I just want to say that I could never have achieved what I have done without your courses and the caring way you all looked after me. I truly cannot thank all of you enough. I wish all of you best wishes and I am sure it will go from strength to strength.

Message no.2...
Hi Paul and Richard

Hope you and all the team are well.

Just an update for you to let you know I have booked my flight to Melbourne, Australia.  We leave on the 25/9 and return on the 31/10. I still cant believe I have booked it.  As I said all along my goal was to get to Australia to see my son and my brother and your course and guidance has made that achievement possible.

Thanks again ( I will send you a card to put in your portfolio )

Very kindest regards

Paul Williams

Take care,

Paul & Richard
Flying Without Fear
The Virgin Atlantic fear of flying course


Adult premium group course
Birmingham 19th October 2014
Manchester 9th November 2014
Gatwick 16th November 2014
Heathrow, Southampton, Luton to be confirmed soon

Group ground* only course (no flight)
Newcastle 14th September 2014
Bristol 5th October 2014
Leeds 26th October 2014
Heathrow 14th December 2014
Cardiff 25th January 2015

Children’s course (for one child, one fear free adult, inc flight)
Gatwick 16th November.  (Same location as adult course but in different room and own dedicated staff)

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