Thursday, 21 August 2014

Holiday travelling - an ironic view

Right now, millions of people are travelling somewhere nice.  They have literally thrown caution to the wind, taken their life in their hands and got in their cars to drive somewhere for their holiday!
Their car, within the last 12 months has had an MOT (Road Test UK)...probably.  The driver passed his/her test anything between 1 and 70 years ago and they haven't been tested since because everyone knows there is no need to. 

They have a vehicle that is capable of driving at the speed limit but due to the power it has, it can cruise comfortably at 100 mph.  Plus, with the years and years of driving experience the driver has, he/she might be quite comfortable doing that.

Meanwhile, millions of other similarly skilled drivers in vehicles of greater and lesser repair, are coming towards each other with a closing impact speed of anything between 140-200 miles an hour.  Thankfully though, this does not apply to you. It is just everyone else out there because you are really safe...

Please excuse the irony.

As we write this, the two co-founders are off on holiday (not together as that is proper scary!) 

We are both quite worried, here is our list of worries:

Taxi turning up on time
Traffic en route to the airport
Big, boring queues at check in
Big, boring queues through security
Rubbish duty free selection
Nowhere to sit and have a coffee in airport
Being sat next to some bore on the flight
Not getting first choice of meal or having to pay huge amount for nasty, curly sandwich
Landing into a strange place and not speaking the language, getting lost, getting ripped off, getting lost again, not relaxing...

Not on worry list:
The flight, the crew training, the pilot's training and capability, the air traffic control, the ground staff, the engineers, and basically anything flight related. 

There is so much that goes on each and every flight. The planning, the procedures, the back ups in place...If you only knew and could truly give the control back to your commercial airline, you would see things very differently. If you could sit in and watch the pilots get put through their paces twice a year in the simulators, you might think differently...Every worst case scenario you can imagine, they have to practice and pass.  How many of us are tested on the ability to do our jobs (pass or fail) every few months?  Or ever?!

The country that you are in, as you read this, is probably beautiful.  However, being able to fly gives you back choices about where else you could go.  It gives you choices about jobs too. AND it gives choices to your family members that, whilst supportive, have to live with your choices - ouch!

Take care and enjoy your holiday

Paul & Richard
Flying without fear

Courses coming up...

Adult premium group course
Birmingham 19th October 2014
Manchester 9th November 2014
Gatwick 16th November 2014
Southampton, Luton to be confirmed soon

Group ground* only course (no flight)
Newcastle 14th September 2014
Bristol 5th October 2014
Leeds 26th October 2014
Heathrow 14th December 2014
Cardiff 25th January 2015

Children’s course  (for one child, one fear free adult, inc flight)
Gatwick 16th November.  (Same location as adult course but in different room and own dedicated staff)

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