Thursday, 3 July 2014

Gatwick course this weekend

We are all getting ready for this weekend's course at Gatwick airport. It looks like we will have nearly 200 people with us which is a remarkable number don't you think?  Although, when you think of the recent research released by Cranfield University, that approximately 30% of the population have a fear of flying, it is then not surprising.

We are totally ready to do our 'very best' to help these brave people. In place, we have Adelle one of our regular pilot speakers.  She is a great speaker and it is brilliant to have her as one of the team.  We also have a comprehensive section covered by fabulous Janine from Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew Safety and Evacuation Procedures training department.  There is a lot more to the cabin crew than just smiling and dishing out meals - safety is their primary role.  Smiles and food are important but their primary role is safety first. 

Also, we have a large psychological input section.  During this, we will cover about 12 different ideas/strategies to help those attending.  It is actually about people finding the one or two techniques that best help them.  The ideas are drawn from different approaches such as mindfulness, NLP, TFT, REBT, CBT and breath research.  We are always on the lookout for new ideas and will incorporate anything that works.

The culmination of the day is a fully narrated flight.  This gives everyone the chance to practice the techniques but, just as importantly, a chance to update themselves in 'real' time. In other words, when they feel as if the aircraft 'drops' in cloud, they will hear one of our pilots say, 'We have just moved a few inches.'  At this point, the delegates can decide what to believe....our flawed human systems or the professional pilot speaking from the flight deck!
This blog was not intended as an advert but more as testament to the people that will join us Sunday.  Over the 17 + years we have doing this, we see about 1,500-3,000 people per year. Brave, normal people like you that want to do something about their fears. Many people have fears...spiders, heights, lifts...but how many actually, actively face them?! Not many I would wager. 

It is entirely possible, in just one day, that most of the people attending Sunday will feel better about the experience of flying.  We know this because we measure this and to date we are running at a 98.6% success rate!  In other words, the improvement from before the course to after the course showing an increase in 'I feel better about flying' measurement. 

Flying is not everything. We are not saying that nobody will be happy unless they are flying on an aircraft. What we are saying is that not being able to fly limits your life choices.  As one delegate said to us before the course once, 'I was happy to travel anywhere in the long as I could drive there!'

Take care
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic flying without fear
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