Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Flight MH17

This is a brief blog prompted by one of our terrific and loyal team leaders Henrietta.  The message in this blog is short and simple. 

The shooting down of the MH17 flight was a terrible, terrible tragedy.  There are no words that we can say that will console the friends and family of all those people killed.  You have suffered an unspeakable loss and we send you our sincerest condolences.   

For those of you reading this who still have a fear of flying, please do not watch all the gory footage that is being shown in the media.  Whilst it is very sad to think of those poor people's plight, you can not help them by poring over every detail released on the news and in print.  Watching the images and reading all the details will just cause you to imagine the worst and increase your fears of flying.

Western world commercial aviation is the safest form of transport.  An extreme act of war such as this does not make your next holiday or business trip less safe.  The commercial aviation world will adjust to this new, un-anticipated threat - this whole incident will be investigated and learned from.   We all hope that this terrible situation in the Ukraine is resolved quickly.  

Take care
Paul & Richard

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