Monday, 14 July 2014

Flat batteries at airports

A question came up on the message board this week around the new procedures at airports concerning flat batteries in phones and laptops...Did you see that? 

Apparently, there are going to be extra checks at the UK airports if you are carrying laptops and phones. You will need to demonstrate that they are working...

Our thoughts about this...

First thing we will say about all of this. The 'flat battery' thing is what is in the media. That is what you have been allowed to know.  When a perceived threat exists and the authorities decide to change something, there is always lots of other stuff that goes on that you won't hear about - as there is always is.  The main thing to note is that it is safer actually. 

The downside of all this is that the poor security people at our airports are now going to be working with longer queues and more frustrated people. The downside for you is longer delays before you fly.  We don't want to worry you but when there is so much in place, it makes it virtually impossible for anything to happen of a sinister nature. However, nothing and nowhere is 100% safe, it is just the safest.  Compare what you will go to when you fly with getting on a ferry, a train, a coach....  So, it may worry people hearing about all the extra measures but we applaud it. The more checks, the safer the better!  Hope that helps
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