Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Aviation accidents

It has been very busy here with emails, Facebook, tweets and message board questions about the recent aviation accidents. 

The gist of the questions revolve around the following areas:

  • If commercial flying is so safe, what happened?
  • I have a holiday coming up soon and these accidents have really unsettled me
  • How can weather bring down an aircraft when you say weather can't on your courses?
  • I can't stop myself reading all the coverage in the papers and it is making me very nervous
  • I came on your course several years ago, I have flown loads of times with little or no problems but the recent events are making me more nervous again....
Can you relate to these?

The facts are that western world commercial aviation is still the safest form of transport. Despite what is being reported, no one single failure in commercial aviation can create a catastrophe.  There are some reports that the weather brought down one aircraft. This is not accurate.  We are all waiting on the official investigation and reports to come out. Obviously, in the meantime, the media has to get their stories out quickly.  They do not have time to check every single fact and detail about their stories. That is the nature of the beast - the fastest with the story sells. 

We know it is hard, but please, please stop reading the incidents and watching the horrific footage. Pictures of any transport crash scene are disturbing and it does not do any good looking at wreckage. The only people that should be looking at accidents so closely are investigators. It does not help us putting this stuff into our heads as it feeds the fear.  The fear is insatiable and watching this stuff can become very addictive if you are not careful. It won't help you to pore over every detail and it certainly makes no difference to those poor casualties with you feeling bad as well - blunt but hopefully you get the point?

Everything will be investigated and learned from.  Commercial aviation will become even safer after we all learn from any lessons that come out of these recent incidents. 

This is the time of year when many of us take a well earned break. This can involve flying and none of us here at FWF are put off flying because we know about all the back ups and checks and measures that are in place for EVERY flight.    Life is for living - don't you agree?  Flying gives us choices about places we can go and jobs we can take...

Take care
Paul & Richard
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Gatwick 16th November 2014
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  1. I took the course earlier this month and flew to Dominican a week after. All these incidents were happening while I was out there. I can honestly say I wasn't worried about my flight home, I was able to ignore the media's stories and relax on my way home. It was a miracle, and I owe FWF everything for that!!

    Thanks again :)