Monday, 19 May 2014

Therapy or not?

A question that we sometimes get:
I have lots of fears - not just fear of flying.  If I took some therapy as well, would that make me mad?

In the seventeen years that we have been running our courses, we have helped a range of people with ALL levels of anxiety, all ages and a complete mixture of jobs/professions.

Most people come onto our courses with a specific fear which is flying. They attend the course, get what they need and then get on with flying.  For some people, getting over a fear of flying is not about skipping through the airport thinking 'I can't wait to fly!'  For some, it is just about making something that they want to do, or have to do, manageable.  Not everyone will love flying and that is okay actually.

Being able to fly gives us choices about how we live our life. It also gives the people in our lives, choices about they live aspects of their life.  That is why we love doing what we do.

There are a group of people that come onto our courses that are fighting other fears too. They may have a long history of fighting panic attacks, general anxiety disorder and other phobias too.  This group know the benefit of the quote below. 

We have always maintained that our course is a perfect accompaniment to a process of fighting fear. Whatever the level of fear or anxiety, we know that all can benefit from what we have to offer.  A programme of support before or after the course is also good. 

This is a lovely quote from a book called 'Shoot the damn dog' by Sally Brampton.  It is a book about depression (not necessarily relevant to our customers) that was recommended by one of the team who is a trained psychological therapist.

A quote/excerpt from the book:

Good therapy does not leave us stuck in the past.  Nor does it allow us to change it.  It simply helps us to understand why we do certain things, why they are unhelpful and how we might overcome them.  It will not work, though, if we do not use its lessons.  The hard work, the lion's share, is down to us.  I have heard people complain about therapy that, 'It's all very well learning why I behave in the way that I do. That doesn't stop me behaving in those ways. I am just more conscious of them.'  Consciousness is where therapy stops and we begin.  Therapy can only give us knowledge. It is up to us to use it. It is not easy . Changing a habit of behaviour takes time and endless repetition. We have to, literally, learn to think in a new way. But in order to do that, we have to analyse the old way.

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic flying without fear


Adult premium group course – £255 inc VAT
Birmingham 8th June 2014
Southampton 22nd June 2014
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Manchester 9th November 2014
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