Saturday, 26 April 2014

Virgin Australia 'Hijack' incident

This has been in the media the last 24 hours or so...  Hijack of Virgin Blue aircraft...

Our thoughts... Be very careful of anything that you read about aviation in the media. BECAUSE, in the rush to get the story out, incorrect facts can sometimes be reported.  If you read the articles or watch the news and don't know this, then you are literally feeding your fear.

This is the press release from Virgin Blue:

"There are incorrect reports that a Virgin Australia aircraft was hijacked on route to Denpasar this is not correct. The aircraft in question has landed safely and at no point was the safety of our passengers ever in question. There was an unruly passenger on board and the authorities are removing him on the ground."

Take care

Paul & Richard


  1. Flying with jet 2 in a couple of weeks time, really scared now after reading that 2 of there planes had to make emergancy landings this week, the one from cyprus to Newcastle when the masks came down due to loss of pressure sounds very scary. Is it because their planes are so old?

    1. No, their aircraft are not old. Commercial aircraft are so strictly controlled in terms of maintenance schedules, it would not matter if they were old as everything gets replaced long before it is due to fatigue or reach its natural life span. For example, if it is known that an aircraft part wears out at five years, they change it at three years. Jet 2 are a great airline too and we often work with them.