Friday, 18 April 2014

Airline ratings

We hope that you are lucky enough to be able to take a break this Easter weekend...  If you are getting away, please take care if you are driving as that is where the real danger is.

A recent question on the message board pointed us in the direction of a website called If you are using this site to help decide on whether your flights are safe, please use some caution. We are not knocking the site as there are some talented people behind it. Also, their aims seem to be well intentioned. 

When it comes to rating an airline, they give scores which might worry you sometimes.  We cannot stop you looking at sites like this nor would we discourage you to do so. All information is extra data for you to make decisions around.  If you research your airline (like the person that wrote to us on the message board had) and you find that your airline has a 'low' rating...Then, please write to the website and find out why.  It is not 100% clear how the ratings come about and so we need to be careful of what we find out.

Another link that we think is absolutely brilliant is the NATS Europe 24 which you can look at here. Using air traffic data over 24 hours just UK really, it shows how much traffic is controlled in that period.  It is also useful to remember that all of those flights landed safely.  A thought... if you were to create the same sort of imagery for traffic on the roads, how many of those cars would get to their destination without incident?  Sorry to be blunt. That is the way it is. The perceived danger to flying is not the same as the actual danger.

Take care
Paul & Richard
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