Monday, 10 February 2014

Feedback after last newsletter

A lot of people ask these sort of questions:

How does your course work? 
Do the effects last? 
Do other people have fears like mine? 

The emails below answer these questions however, this blog is not a self promotion exercise despite the lovely feedback below. 

We want to say this. You are normal. If you have a fear of flying, you learned it at some point in your life - you have got into unhelpful thinking habits. You were not born that way.  It is never too late to learn something new - to learn some new habits.

The list of emails received in one day is fabulous.  We sent the newsletter out to around 5000 people and these emails came back straight away.  See below with some of our comments in red underneath:

Just wanted to let you know I went to New York and had a fantastic time, I even proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes!

Can't thank yourself and the Virgin flying without fear team enough. As soon as I get to the airport, get on the plane, take off, cruise and land I'm constantly reminded of the course and how safe flying is. I learnt so much that day and for that I'm so grateful. I felt so calm on the flight both ways. Thank you for your email before I went.

Hope the course is continuing to help people like it did me as about 5 years ago I wouldn't have even entertained the idea of going to an airport, now I can't wait to see the world.

Thanks again and I always enjoy reading the flying without fear newsletters that get sent to me.

Kind regards

A lot of men write to us worried that the course will be 'full of women' and they will not feel comfortable about attending. Fear of flying affects all ages and both genders.

Thank you for the mailing but I am happy to say my wife no longer needs a course as she considers herself cured thanks to your amazing 1 day course . The funny thing being that straight afterwards she did not think it would make any difference . She is however a changed person and flying is no longer a problem - a big test will be our west coast ocean drive holiday but at present she has no qualms and is busy making plans

So thank you again - LGW to LGW  clearly works 
Some will say to us during the day or even straight after the course, 'I am not sure I feel differently yet.'  This is a good example of how that is not necessarily important.  We are loathe to use the word 'cured' except in irony as it puts a nervous flyer under so much pressure to feel completely different.   Is that realistic?  Well, for some yes.  Our view is that significant incremental change is completely realistic and achievable.
Hello, would just to say thank you to everyone in the Fear of Flying course I was on, since I did the fear of flying course I have flown four times, still a bit nervous but before I came to you even the thought of flying would put me in a panic attack, I am doing my first transatlantic flight with Virgin to Fort Lauderdale on the 28th March then flying home on the 8th April, and am actually looking forward to it in a strange way.

Once again thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Following my course, after not flying since I was 17 years old, I have been to various destinations 

These include Europe, America and in December 2014, I will be going to Australia via Dubai, to visit a lifelong friend. I never expected to have the world opened up to me at 65years old.

Many thanks for a wonderful experience.
It just goes to show... it is never too late to learn something new.
Hi FWF team,

just wanted to tell you I didn't fly for over 30 years.

I did your course and recently flew to Greece and back with no problems.  I'm now about to book a flight to the USA in the summer.

Thanks for setting me free.

Kind regards, Steve
Free is such a great word. More than anything, it is about having choices.

I did the course in 2011 and after 38 years grounded traveling everywhere by other mode's of transport, I've done a return trip to Paris and Turkey I have recommended this course to people I know who are scared to flying this course has opened up the world to me.
Thank You,              Yvonne
Hi guys
Would love to know the stats of how many people don't get through your course I know it's negative but would be interested  ? 
Two years on from walking out of your Luton course I'm still not flying and beat myself up over it every time I have a need to travel!

We have sent a message to this person telling him not to give up and to come back so we can help him. We always stay with anyone that does not want to fly on the day and do a proper debrief (if they will let us) and explain some other options to help themselves.

Take care

Paul & Richard
Future Courses

Adult premium group course – £255 inc VAT
Birmingham 2nd March 2014
Gatwick 9th March 2014
Manchester 13th April 2014
Luton 4th May 2014
Southampton 22nd June 2014

Group ground only course (no flight) £120 inc VAT
Bristol 23rd March 2014
Leeds 1st June 2014
Cardiff 15th June 2014

Children’s course is £375 (for one child, one fear free adult, inc flight)
Gatwick 9th March 2014 (Same location as adult course but in different room and own dedicated staff)

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