Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A book to help children with fear of flying

Fear of flying is not linked to any age group. Over the years, we have seen and helped people from 6-84 years of age.  We know that fear can start from a young age. Sometimes it is learned from others but most of the time, it just starts for no particular reason...

We do think it is a real shame when children get a fear of flying.  A whole world of choices can be closed off to them.  With that in mind, we are keen to endorse anything positive that comes out to help anyone - especially children. 

We are not on commission for this. This particular book was sent to us and we think it is great to help young children to understand what goes on when you fly.

Link to have a look and maybe even buy it??? Only £3.40 which is great value.

'...Join Suzie as she takes to the skies for her very first Aeroplane ride.  With teddy by her side, going on an Aeroplane can be so much fun.  A simple story to help any child who may be feeling a little anxious about flying.'

Take care
Paul & Richard

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