Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What aircraft type do you use?

One of the questions that we get asked is 'what aircraft types do you use on your courses?'

The straight answer is this:  'Modern, commercial jet aircraft.'

Sometimes the second question that comes back is, 'what type of aircraft exactly?'

A thought...

If this is something that you worry about when booking a course or when taking a flight, here is something that should reassure you.

ANY commercial airline that flies into UK airspace has to meet the same safety standards as laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority. 

So, whether it is a fear of flying course you are attending or, a holiday that you are taking...It is does not make any difference safety wise if it flies in UK airspace. 

The difference between airlines, these days, is how you are treated by them - the customer service.  Do you feel that the staff care for you when you fly?  If you pay cheap prices to take a flight, it is not the safety that is compromised, it is the service differences.

Virgin Atlantic has always aimed to look after its customers - to give good service regardless. 


Future courses

Adult premium group course – £255 inc VAT
London Luton 19th January 2014
Birmingham 2nd March 2014
Gatwick 9th March 2014
Manchester 13th April 2004
Group ground only course (no flight) £120 inc VAT
Newcastle 2nd February 2014
Bristol 23rd March 2014
Cardiff 18th May 2014  New date
Leeds 1st June 2014 New date
Children’s course is £375 (for one child, one fear free adult, inc flight)
Gatwick 9th March 2014

Take care,
Paul & Richard

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