Friday, 24 January 2014

100 years of aviation

It is remarkable to think that proper aviation has only been going about 100 years!

That are a lot of people that really don't like the feelings associated with flying.  Many report feeling sensations of dropping hundreds or thousands of feet. This is one of the physiological factors we discuss on our courses. Plus, we explain how the laws of physics cannot allow the aircraft to just drop thousands of feet.

Still, many people feel exactly this during turbulence.  Please remember this. We have not evolved much in 100 years - if at all.  We probably are not much more evolved than our ancestors that lived in caves?  And yet, we have smart phones and can fly  500 miles per hour in commercial aircraft that weigh 400 tons.  Our brain and body systems are  often 'tricked' by the sensations of flying. We are not like birds and have not adapted to the sometimes strange feelings associated with flying. 

This is okay by the way.  You don't have to love flying to know you are safe.  It is just an extremely safe way to travel; to get from A to B.  A heck of a lot has changed in 100 years but we have not. 

Matt Burgess, one of our flying without fear team leaders found this brilliant link. Please watch this as it is just great and shows 100 years of aviation.  Enjoy.....

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