Thursday, 5 December 2013

Risky living

An interesting concept that I came across in a book this week...

It said something like this, 'anxiety is a good thing. Being anxious and cautious is natural and has meant that we have survived as a species.  Try not to think of anxiety as a bad thing in itself as it has kept us all alive. It only becomes bad when the anxiety is not needed and we can't control it or turn it off.'

Now that is a thought - don't you think?

Anxiety and being cautious are good things for a species when there is a lot of threat around. The tricky thing is now when we still get anxious in the wrong amounts to the threat presented. In fact, the threat presented by flying is a perceived threat.  The actual chance of something happening to you of a dire nature is very, very unlikely. 

Many people that come onto our courses will tell us that they do not perceive any threat/anxiety when they drive their cars or walk across a road.  They do perceive a threat/anxiety when they fly - which is why they hate it so.

Threat is everywhere. Anxiety, caution and nervousness have a biological purpose. The great thing about being evolved is that we can re-train our brains to put the actual threat from flying into perspective. 

Nothing is 100% safe.  Living can be dangerous.  However, our course is designed to help put the anxiety/caution levels into perspective.

Take care
Paul & Richard
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