Thursday, 28 November 2013

Ridiculous article in newspapers today

Saw this article today in a well known daily tabloid newspaper and it is a typical example of information being incorrectly reported.  Here is the article in its entirety, followed by our explanation of what actually happened!

United Aces in Jet Scare

Manchester United stars had a scare yesterday when their landing was aborted as they flew into Germany for a match.  The Reds were 400 metres short of touchdown when the pilot had to lift the aircraft skywards because another plane was already on the runway. 
Rattled Rio Ferdinand said in a Twitter post:  'Landed in Germany...just...I've just recovered after that choppy landing #touchedcloth.'  The plane had to circle before landing ten minutes late in Cologne.

Twenty-three people, including 8 United players, died in 1958 in a plane crash in Munich.  survivor Bill Foulkes died this week aged 81.  ...

This article is stuffed full of things to get the nervous flyer more nervous.

First of all, the landing being aborted due to an aircraft still being on the runway, is a normal procedure.  Pilots practice this all the time. As they come into land, the pilots are preparing in case they need to do a 'go-around' as this is what it is called.  A normal, non-drama procedure that can happen on any flight.  Normal, normal, normal!

The second part talking about the Munich disaster is completely unrelated and just puts fear into your mind - if you are not careful! 

Be very careful when you read anything in the media about aviation - it is not always accurate.  This is one of our messages that we cover on all of our courses including this weekend at Southampton.

Take care
Paul & Richard

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