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Channel 4 Fear of Flying 'Caught on Camera' 18th November 2013

Did you see the programme on Channel 4 about fear of flying?  We really hope that those of you that watched it, found the programme interesting.  Some of the team have seen it, some of us haven't.  Paul Tizzard (Co-Founder) is currently refusing to watch  it as he is unsure as to how it has been edited.  Richard Conway, Paul Tizzard and Howard Cooper were all interviewed and filmed for a couple of hours - what is left for the edit is often much less.   The team that did the filming were great and we hoped that they would be sensitive to the potential viewers of this programme - in other words, people with an anxiety about flying.  Did that happen in your opinion?  (You can leave comments below this blog)

We were also unaware what bits of aircraft footage that they would show as part of the programme. Typically, they need to make it sensational so normally dramatic images are used too....

Once we have released our filming 'disclaimers' the content is out of our hands.  For people that have beat their fear, watching a programme such as this is not a problem. They have become somewhat 'inoculated' against its effects.  For those with a fear of flying still, this type of programme can be very harmful. 

A positive that can come from watching harrowing footage and images is that it can often inspire the fearful to take action.  It is very easy to avoid flying if you have decided it is not part of your life. However, making this choice lets the fear run your life.  People with a fear of flying will go to great lengths to avoid flying at all costs. This also 'rubs off' onto other people in their lives too - such as partners, children...

We hope that, if you are still fearful, that you seek professional help with your fears.   As the saying goes, 'tomorrow is promised to no-one.'  Don't waste any more time avoiding flying and don't write yourself off.  No-one is born with a fear of flying; It is learned. It is never too late to learn something new...

This message board posting came in today from a Gatwick course attendee from a year ago...We have reproduced it as we think it apt:
It's taken me almost exactly a year to write this thank you. At the time of the course, it all made sense logically but I doubted it had helped. I was the last one to get on the plane and I really thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I did and I'm proud of myself.

We went to Florida in January and I was moderately ok, had my valium, and reasoned with myself about noises. As the flight went on I got bored, not scared! Virgin cabin crew ladies were so so so nice to me! Coming back, I slept the whole way home, I couldn't believe it, I was comfortable and relaxed and I was in shock when we landed. I wanted to go again! Something really did twig in me on the course, despite me not thinking it had!

I'm now watching the fear of flying programme on channel 4 tonight and I'm telling myself the things i was taught on the course.
I can reason and really want to help those suffering on it strangely!

I've turned into a bit of a plane spotter now too, love watching take off. Hope that feeling is the same when we fly again.

Thanks to all and I'm so glad I did it!
Social Media
There was a lot of social media activity when the programme was on (#fearofflying if you want to see the tweets).  Our Twitter details are @flywithoutfear
Here are a couple of the Facebook messages that we received:

Grace Benet I didn't watch it but my friends did, and said they didn't realise how good the course was. I did the course in September and it helped me tremendously. Since then I've been on 6 flights and gradually getting more comfortable I now understand the physics behind flying, and how safe it is, but sometimes I still get nervous...however I now can control my anxiety. Looking forward to my holiday to NYC in Jan flying with Virgin of course! I recommend this 100%. On every flight I've taken with either BA or Virgin I have let the cabin crew know and they are so caring and help me relax
Emma Robinson It was a fabulous program showing just how much a fear of flying can affect lives of not just the fearful flyer, but of their family and friends. I was that person up until I came on the course in May this year. Since then we have been to Spain this summer without tears (and diazepam!) and we are now booking for Orlando! Couldn't have done it without Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear.

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