Monday, 25 November 2013

A special blog for Christine

On our last blog about being filmed by channel 4 for 'Fear of flying - caught on camera' shown on 18th Nov 2013, Christine (an avid blog follower) posted a comment which is below:

I do wish that you would go back to advising tips regarding flying instead of people thanking you. Maybe a mixture of both would be good

Our answer...

We can see how it might look like we are just reproducing thank you messages and that is it.  There may also have been too many of them lately too... We felt it only right to explain why we re-produce so many thank you messages. 

We think that the messages of thank you are extremely positive and motivational.  Our thinking is that anyone reading the blog that is unsure whether to face the fear or not, might be inspired to do so when they read the thank you messages.  They are intended to show that anyone can beat their fear of flying, once they give themselves permission not to have to 'love it' straight away.  It is also about saying that it is possible to feel differently about flying - this is very hard to imagine when you are currently suffering from the fear.

Also, a lot of nervous non fliers and fliers believe that they are alone in their fears and we want to give them a taste of how the 30K+ people have felt that have come near our courses/help.

That aside, promise to get back to doing more of a mix of 'thank you things' and 'content to help you things.'  Thank you for taking the time to feedback. :)

Take care
Paul & Richard

Only a week to go till our last course before Christmas... Southampton Airport, 1st December.

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